Friday, August 01, 2003

the days of craze....

The other night I went to visit my old church SJCAC.
It was so cool to see my old junior high sunday school
kids giving testimonies of how they
encountered God at a recent retreat. One after another
they went up to share God brought a smile
to my heart :OD There is nothing better than seeing young
people going after God with all their hearts. It was nice,
almost warming to be back at my old church, seeing all
the families and kids together in community, almost made
me want to go back....but I know God has me on another
path right now. Its a path sometimes I don't want to take,
but something I know I have to do.

Sometimes, I wish I was called immediately to Hollywood if not~
China, Africa, or some remote village to preach the Gospel.
But for some reason, God has called me to this interesting
city called San Jose.

The vision? CITY TRANSFORMATION. Heaven on earth.
To see every sector of society transformed by the GLORY of God.
To see every child, young and old worshipping God in their language.
To see Jesus as King in Government, Education and Business.
To see the Holy Spirit revive dead churches by reviving mine first.
The task? Blood, sweat and tears.

Sometimes I just want to leave this city, but I can't.
I've tried, but God won't let me go. I have other dreams,
but I guess they lay on the backburner for now.
The kingdom always comes first. Right now, the kingdom is
seeking to revive a silicon valley of dead bones. What I sense
the Lord telling me to do next is one word "crazy." But hey,
God only calls us to do "crazy things" because if it wasn't
then it wouldn't be God. So if its crazy it most likely is a
God thing, if its not, its probably my flesh talking.
Crazy insists that I need God's help to do it. I still think
to myself about 1000 times a day.."Jaeson what are you doing?
Are you crazy?" And i'm beginning to answer my thots back with
"Yeah, I think I fact I think I always will be!" The kingdom
is always crazy, God is crazy, following Him is crazy, it never
makes sense, it always goes against the grain, the world will
always see it as foolish, its an upside down crazy kingdom,
but the Spirit will always speak to your spirit saying ...
"yes its crazy...but I am with you and when you're with Me
its not so crazy." Thank You Holy Spirit for that assurance...
but its still crazy! What am I doing? If I told you, you would
think, hrm..I don't know what you would think. All I know is
I'm begining to know more that I don't know much at all. The Gospel..
its a mystery and so is life, you only got one shot to live it out.
so you might as well live it out crazy. I've given my life to this Gospel,
and there is no turning back. Cause like Peter, when you grow older,
Jesus is going to lead you to places you do not wish to go. But when
you get there, I'm positive you'll be glad you decided to go..not the
safe route, but the CRAZY one.


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