Thursday, June 05, 2003

so i had this random thot while jogging this morning
to compile a list of the many christian books that
have helped me in the past few years n' others i'm
familiar with..i think even if you read one book out
of each category it would be a great blessing to your
spiritual walk...i've found one of the best ways of discipleship
is TO READ...

every thing you can get your hands on..there is so
much great spiritual material out there..its like a
spiritual kung fu library waiting to equip you to be a spiritual
warrior for Christ..;oD

when i was a freshmen in college i was pretty new in the faith
so i tried my best to read everything i could get my hands on
to catch up on all the missed years of God training ..everyday it was like
read read the Bible, do my homework, then read read christian secret
is to pray as you read, or to read a few chapters, get it in your spirit man,
and then spend time in prayer and meditation..the same way you
would when meditating upon the Bible. Remember to test
all that you read according to the Word! But man, its amazing
how the anointing will increase as you ask the Holy Spirit to
bring revelation..also, i guess since in my earlier christian days i didn't really
have a mentor-i had to read christian books to help educate my lack of knowledge
and understanding and trust the Holy Spirit to be my Teacher...which i would
say, the School of the Holy Spirit is the best school i've ever attended!

oh college just got university its no longer
san jose christian college. in a few weeks it'll be officially
"William Jessup University" named after the founder..who was a
pretty awesome man of God :OD's the
read read n' pray pray pray asking the Holy Spirit to deposit
in your spirit what you read!

some recommended Christian books:


1. The Gift of Apostle: David Cannistraci
2. Apostles & Prophets the Foundation of the Church: Peter Wagner
3. Apostles, Prophets & the Coming Move of God: Bill Hammon

1. Prophets and Personal Prophecy: Bill Hammon
2. Prophets Pitfalls and Principles: Bill Hammon
3. Sound of His Voice: Kim Clement
4. Developing your Prophetic Gifting: Graham Cooke
5. The Voice of God: Cindy Jacobs
6. The Prophetic Ministry: Rick Joyner

1. Prayer Evangelism: Ed Silvolso
2. Master Plan of Evangelism: Robert Coleman
3. Evangelism by Fire: Reinhard Bonnke
4. Just As I Am: Billy Graham
5. Out of the Salt Shaker & Into the World: Rebecca Pippert

1. Purpose Driven Church: Rick Warren
2. Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire: Jim Cymbala
3. The Contemplative Pastor: Eugene Peterson

1. Teaching to Change Lives: Dr. Howard Hendricks

1. Spiritual Man: Watchman Nee
2. Experiencing the Holy Spirit: Andrew Murray
3. Good Morning Holy Spirit: Benny Hinn
4. Welcome Holy Spirit: Benny Hinn
5. The Word & the Spirit: Paul Cain, RT Kendall
6. How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit: A.W. Tozer
7. Baptism in the Holy Spirit: Derek Prince

1. Passion for Jesus: Mike Bickle
2. Pleasures of Loving God: Mike Bickle
3. Secrets of the Secret Place: Bob Sorge
4. Wasted on Jesus: Jim Goll
5. Enjoying God: SJ Hill
6. Life of the Beloved: Henri Nouwen
7. Return of the Prodigal Son: Henri Nouwen
8. The Way of the Heart: Henri Nouwen
9. Desiring God: John Piper
10. Pursuit of God: AW Tozer
11. The Secret Place: Dale Fife
12. God Chaser: Tommy Tenney
13. Knowing God: J.I. Packer
14. Abba’s Child: Brennan Manning
15. The Sacred Romance: Brent Curtis & John Eldridge
16. The Raggamuffin Gospel: Brennan Manning

1. Celebration of Discipline: Richard Foster
2. Too Busy Not to Pray: Bill Hybels
3. Listening Prayer: Lee Ann Payne
4. Pray of Jabez: Bruce Wilkinson
5. Prayer: Von Balthassar

1. The Practice of the Presence of God: Brother Lawrence
2. Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ: Madam Guyon
3. Open Mind Open Heart: Thomas Keating
4. Contemplative Prayer: Thomas Merton
5. Centering Prayer: M. Basil Pennington
6. The Way of the Heart: Henri Nouwen
7. Basking In His Presence: Bill Volkman

1. Intercessory Prayer: Dutch Sheets
2. Intercessor: Reese Howells
3. Prophetic Intercession: Barbara Wentroble
4. Possessing the Gates of the Enemy: Cindy Jacobs
5. Informed Intercession: George Otis Jr.
6. Intercession: Jim W. Goll

1. Atomic Power through Prayer and Fasting: Franklin Hall
2. The Hidden Power of Praying and Fasting: Mahesh Chavda
3. Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting: Derek Prince
4. Prayer and Fasting: Kingsley Fletcher

1. Listen To Me Satan: Carlos Anacondia
2. The Three Battlegrounds: Francis Frangipane
3. The Bondage Breaker: Neil Anderson
4. Spiritual House Cleaning: Alice Smith
5. Handbook for Spiritual Warfare: Dr. Ed Murphy
6. Battlefield of the Mind: Joyce Myers

1. Power Healing: John Wimber
2. Healing: Francis Macnutt
3. John G. Lake: The Complete Collection of his Life Teachings
4. Greater Works: Smith Wigglesworth
5. 7 Things you should know about Divine Healing: Kenneth Hagin

1. The Healing Presence: Leanne Payne
2. A Comprehensive Guide to Deliverance & Inner Healing:
John Sandford
3. Restoring the Christian Soul: Leanne Payne
4. The Father Heart of God: Floyd Mclung Jr.

1. Surprised by the Power of the Spirit: Jack Deere
2. Surprised by the Voice of God: Jack Deere
3. Finding Your Spiritual Gifts: Peter Wagner
4. Are Miraculous Gifts for Today? : Wayne Grudem
5. The Beginners Guide to Spiritual Gifts: Sam Storms
6. The Ministry Gifts, Concerning Gifts: Kenneth Hagin

1. Cost of Discipleship: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
2. Discipleship: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
3. Master Plan of Evangelism: Robert Coleman
4. Just Like Jesus: Max Lucado

1. How to Understand Your Bible: T. Norton Sterrett
2. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth: Gordon D. Fee & Douglas Stuart
3. Strongs Exhaustive Concordance
4. A.W. Pink Commentaries of the Bible

1. Mere Christianity: CS Lewis
2. More than A Carpenter: Josh Mcdowell
3. Case for Christ: Lee Strobel
4. Case for Faith: Lee Strobel
5. Know What You Believe: Paul Little
6. Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics: Norman Geisler

1.Digging the Wells of Revival: Lou Engle
2. That None Should Perish: Ed Silvolso
3. Anointed for Business: Ed Silvolso
4. Experiencing Revival: Charles Finney
5. The Ten Greatest Revivals Ever: Elmer Towns
6. God’s Generals: Roberts Liardon

1. Life Together: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
2. Successful Home Cell Groups: Dr. Paul Yongi Cho

1. The Complete Marriage and Family Home Reference Guide: James Dobson
2. Bringing Up Kids Without Tearing Them Down How To Raise Confident, Successful Children: Kevin Leman
3. The Power of a Praying Parent: Stormie Omartin

1. I Kissed Dating Goodbye: Joshua Harris
2. Boy Meets Girl: Joshua Harris
3. The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work: John Gottman
4. Fighting for your Marriage: Susan Blumberg
5. A Lasting Promise: Scott Stanley
6. The Power of a Praying Wife: Stormie Omartin
7. The Power of a Praying Husband: Stormie Omartin

1. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: Ralph Winter
2. Operation World: Patrick Johnstone
3. Let the Nations Be Glad: John Piper
4. Peace Child: Don Richardson
5. Through Gates of Splendor: Elisabeth Elliot
6. Shadow of the Almighty: Elisabeth Elliot
7. Bruchko: Bruce Olson
8. Fox’s Book of Martyrs: W.B. Forbush
8. Biographies of …Hudson Taylor, Jim Elliot, David Livingstone, Amy Carmichael, George Mueller, etc.

1. Successful Leadership through the G12: Caesar Castellanos
2. Fourth Dimension: Paul Yongi Cho
3. Successful Home Cell Groups: Paul Yongi Cho

1. Spiritual Leadership: J Oswald Sanders
2. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: John Maxwell
3. Transforming Leadership: Leighton Ford
4. Revolution in Leadership: Reggie Mcneal

1. With Justice for All: John Perkins

1. Power in Praise: Merlin Caruthers
2. Worship Warrior: Chuck Pierce

1. Understanding the Anointing: Kenneth Hagin
2. The Anointing: Benny Hinn

1. Wild At Heart: John Eldridge
2. Finishing Strong: Steve Farrar
3. Every Mans Battle: Stephen Arterburn
4. Maximized Manhood: Edwin Cole
5. 7 Promises of A Promise Keeper: Bill Bright

1. The Final Quest: Rick Joyner
2. Charting the End Times: Tim Lahaye
3. When Jesus Returns: David Pawson

1. Hinds Feet on High Places: Hannah Hunnard
2. Piercing the Darkness: Frank Perretti
3. Chronicles of Narnia: CS Lewis
4. Screwtape Letters: CS Lewis
5. Tale of Three Kings: Gene Edwards

1. Any books by Max Lucado, Phillip Yancey, Henri Nouwen


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