Monday, May 19, 2003

cough..cough...sniffle..sniffle...itchy..itchy...dizzy...ok so i think i'm going
to get some non drousy allergy medicine tomorrow. :OP

make sure to wash your hands at least 10 times a day, don't TOUCH yur face
and change your pillow case. this will keep you from getting SICK like me.

interesting...didn't know another article in the san jose merc came out on universoul,
this could be prophetic. i think what happened two sundays ago was more than
an event, it was the beginning of a "movement." ENGAGE culture.

random thot..what if the next universoul God provided a line up of bands like...
P.O.D, Linkin Park, KRSONE, Good Charlotte, MXPX, Nas, Creed, Life House, MOS DEF
4thAVE Jones, Switchfoot, BBOYS, DJ Rocky Rock~ a massive MTV style festival..but w/ it
REAL TESTIMONIES of young people who have found Jesus? It would be revolutionary,
it would be explosive, at the end of the day it would be ALL LOVE!!! hey, with God-all things
are possible. word.

check the link below...

ok..back to studying ;oP


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