Friday, May 02, 2003

so i think i booooooombed my midterm. DONT WORRY BE HAPPY JAESON :OD
neurons..axons..dendrites...psychoanalytic..pscyhosocial..cognitive brain patterns..
operant conditioning...blah blah blah...actually this stuff is really interesting. i'm learning
about the development of i am finally beginning to understand after observing
lil 1-2 year olds at my house for over 10 years why they do the things they do ;oP

next thing..don't go on a food fast and then try to fit on GAP jeans...ha! i could barely fit
the jeans..i'm pretty sure i didn't get the audition. np..there will be others.

later i will give a report of the latest prayer revivals from different campuses...just got a call
from another bro at UCDAVIS...crazy! wed night at SJSU ...crazy! last wed with STANFORD..
crazy! I think God is about to release some "CRAZYNESS" upon the campuses of California
very soon. the new wine is coming and God is raising up a new army to take it in. i gotta
fight to stay in the place of intimacy for "intimacy is the birthplace of miracles" You want
POWER with God? Then seek and find Him in the secret place. "Call to me and I will
answer you and show you great and unsearchable things which you do not know of" Jeremiah 33:3
Father keep me in a place where You can use me. Keep me in a place of death and humility. Search my
heart and every intention that I may be pure before You and honorable before all men. Don't
let me do anything out of Your will. May I only do what I see the Father doing. And yes Father,
empower me through the Holy Spirit to do all You are calling me to do. Protect me from the
evil one and guard my heart above all else. In Jesus name. amen


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