Monday, April 14, 2003

Ok....str8 up cRAzy .. I mean CrAAAzzY miraCle for UNIVERSOUL yesterday!!!

So if you guys don't know. SJSU told me out of the blue on Friday if we don't
get "15 thousand dollars" in by Monday at 11:30am they would cancel the
universoul event. So this gave us less than 72 hours to raise it.

Sat afternoon I knew nothing else to do but go deep into prayer. I prayed and prayed
and remembered "Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray,
believe that  you receive them, and you will have them." Mark 11:24

faith sprung up in my spirit and told God.."This is Your event Lord, you have confirmed
the way time and time by Monday at 11:30 I'm expecting You to provide 15 thousand
dollars..You have to give it!" I have no clue where this faith came from but i knew that God
would provide..from where? beats me!!!

Saturday nite i was invited to share my testimony at a Chinese lady house by the name of Olivia..
this women has a passionate heart for young people and when hearing my testimony elsewhere
asked me to share my testimony at her 50th bday party. I FELT SO AWKWARD! it was in Los Altos Hills
w/ alot of rich people..but i said Lord i have no clue what i'm doing here but i'll be obedient! I shared my testimony and after shared to her about Universoul....

Sunday morning i get a call from Olivia and she says.."let me know how much you need and i'll try
to make the difference" ....i had no clue how much she would give....well I'm driving back from SF around 3pm and i get a call from a random person saying there is a check from Olivia here to sponsor your
youth outreach..come pick it up in LOS GATOS HILLS. OH MY goodness..i drove into la la was on the other side of a mountain and MANSIONS were on top of every hill...i drive up in my old beat up chevy this huge House...this chinese guy opens the door and says "Are you Jason? here is the check for..

$10,000 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! repeat: $10,000 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i lost my mind..i never held that much money in my hands my entire life! The GLORY of God came down and MAN I WAS PRAISING GOD ALL THE WAY BACK DOWN  THE MOUNTAIN!!!! it  gets better!!!

2 hours later I get a call from my co-worker at THE RIVER and she tells me THE RIVER's giving team will be able to wire ..... $5000 by Monday morning towards the event!! THAT'S EXACTLY 15K ...HAHA..PRAISE GOD!!!!! IS GOD RIGHT ON TIME OR WHAT?????????

so today..i just got back from the sjsu meeting at 11:30am ..n' before they could say nething and get on my case i said... " you go a check for $10k and a wire for $5k" ...MY GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES!!!!!!!

"and my God shall supply all your need according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus" Philipians 4:19 guys this event God has confirmed to us time and time again this is HIS WIILL!!!!  from the Blues Festival partnering w/ me sneakn pass security guards to talk to KRSONE to do the SJSU govt fighting for months on whether or not to approve this God providing all the may 11 2003 there are going to be thousands of students and families from all over the Bay coming out to experience a positive drug free outdoor hip hop rave festival...but kids aren't going to get High on "e'" they are going to get high on the Love of God the true "e" ...eternal life.

man God inSANE or whut?? HE IS AWESOME!!! i'm still in awe and bewildered at HIS MAJESTY!!!
woOHHHooohHooooO! crazy crazy crazy...our God is crazy! n' He always makes us do CRAZY things to let us know IT IS ONLY HIS CRAZY SELF THat CAN PULL IT OFF!! ALL GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST!!!! amen!

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