Tuesday, April 08, 2003

well wat do you do after the Call SF? the same thing you always do pinky..TAKE OVER THE WORLD (for Jesus)
actually...i think for the first time in awhile i might be able to live a lil more "simple" w/ the Call SF done, soul show is taking
a break, the Call TV show is now on hold, really all i have is the universoul event in may (oh Lord help me raise 35k in 4 weeks for it!)
skool (also got my first distance learning class today!) and then possibly a "church plant" soooooooooo in other words...
the next few years could look like having alot more time w/ God...alot more time to read books...alot more time to maybe even write one..and alot more time to be with all kinds of different people...and a whole lot more time to praaaaaaaaaaaay! man..i remember those days freshmen year in high school where i could just pray for hours w/out having to worry about the next meeting to goto...hmm..dere is dat one verse...
look for the old path and walk in it (jeremiah?) neways..david had to wait 17+ years b4 he became king..joseph 22 years b4 he took charge of egypt...paul spent 14 years in arabia b4 he went on his first missionary journey...Jesus..well He spent 30 years as a carpenter and only 3 in pubic ministry...so yeah...pastoring is my greatest fear..but it could also be my greatest strength...who knos...i'm at peace. i know God will bring it all about according to His will even tho i don't have a clue how the heck He is going to do it. things can happen so fast you kno? is it just me or has 2003 been like FULL BLAST non stop things happening...like major things..shifting and changing..there's a war in the heavenlies n' something is brewing...

the call sf..wat can i say? its a forerunner movement. its a john the baptist prepare the way kind of movement. its not for the religious to understand...its for those who hear the call in their spirit...its for a new breed of radicals...an army God is raising up who is not afraid to lay down their very lives for the thing they cherish the most. Jesus. you know.. John the baptist was radical man..he wore a camel coat, ate locust and drank wild honey..the young people loved him..but oh ..not the pharisees..not the religious folk..but dats okay. God is raising up a radical army and it's not what were use to & frankly they are not gonna care what the naysayers say because they are going to be so in love w/ Jesus. its an army dat is going to know their God and do mighty exploits (daniel 11) its an army that is going to move in the power of the Holy Spirit..in signs..wonders and miracles...ultimately in "love" by this all men will know my Name..dat you LOVE one another. i won't be content until i see kingdom on earth....the power of God displayed like the days of old..but indeed we are moving into the latter days of the greater anointing...but who will perceive it? i believe it is a new wine..a new breed...a new generation looking not unto man..but unto God..with their hearts lovesick in worship and hands that are radical in battle ...but for this new wine..there needs to be a new wineskin..oh Lord would you raise me up to provide this new skin...but i am still young..inexperienced...immature and lacking character...oh Lord speed up time and give the spirit of Jeremiah, of Timothy, of Daniel, of Jehosophat, of David.. i wanna kill some lions and bears..more so i want to become a mighty man of God. i want to live and not just die...i want to go all the way without turning my head back ... give me a sword Lord and let me slay some dragons in Jesus name. amen
><><>< prayn in the spirit w/ a vision for revival across this land.........the Lord is gathering up His troops.

Lord bless and keep me brother George Sagisi serving in Iraq rite now. protect Him and take care of his wife and son back home..bring him back safe and let his light shine like the dawn! amen amen


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