Tuesday, April 29, 2003

the ben n' jerry temptation....

so i started a liquid fast 3 days ago to get my life back in order. i've been drinking ensure, jamba juice and soy milk. :OP
so here i was today leaving a four hour meeting at San Jose State University. I was tired, hungry a little stressed (not too much)
and as I walk outside I see students everywhere with "ice cream cones" (i thot.. this is odd?) then it dawned on me "it free cone day
at Ben n' Jerrys" gooooood God!!! I realized i was only about 300 feet from B&J's across the street. How can you refuse free ice cream?
My spirit was saying "no" but my flesh was saying "ice cream" ...i ran across the street, got in line and as i waited for over 15 minutes debating on whether or not i should get a scoop of "chunky monkey" ...i couldn't resist the temptation.

I got a FAT scoop of "chunky monkey"

Then my friend erica from church walks into the store and sees me. As I'm convicted by her Chrsitian presence I confess to her my dilemma. So there i was standing in front of Ben and Jerry's with an ice cream cone in my hand (it looked soooooo dang good). I debated with myself for the next 7 minutes on whether i should eat it or give it away. i ended up flipping a coin...then i ended up playing rock, paper, scissors with
erica..if i won i could eat if i lost i couldn't. I won! but i knew better than to find God's will through rock paper scissor :OP finally...i couldn't
take it anymore..i put my "uneaten" chunky monkey ice cream cone in ericas hand and RAN FOR THE BORDER!!!! i actually ran across the
street..didn't look back..straight into the parking garage...got in my car ..and now i'm back in my office :OD phheeewww... resist the devil and he will flee from you James 4:7. I'm not sayn the devil is ice cream, but it feels good to know I BEAT MY FLESH just a lil bit today. but even if i did eat the cone i think God would have just laughed and still blessed me. watever..this ensure and soymilk isn't too bad. oh and btw...my week so far has been alot better than my "crash and burn" this weekend.

Relax, God's got it under control.



At 12/02/2007 04:38:00 PM , Anonymous anna (grace) said...

i've been through this kind of situation nowadays..Sometimes, I listen to "my flesh"..but now..i would only listen to the spirit inside my heart..because if i don't,i'll end up disobeying God again..and if i disobey Him..even if it's only once,i'll continue to disobey and obey to the devil..do you get what i mean??


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