Monday, May 12, 2003

well with universoul over what is on Jaeson's mind?

1. oh my goodness a church plant?
2. matrix 2
3. developmental psychology
4. managment information systems
5. another midterm
6. read read read~study study study~catch up
7. ice cream
8. healing house (hopefully i can go there soon)
9. little chris, little ryan and little john john
10. making some new rap songs (maybe)
11. telling everyone who helped w/ universoul thankQ!
12. read book: enjoying God
13. more ice cream
14. need to exercise
15. spend time with friends n' practice my listening skillz :OP
16. decide on summer speakn engagements soon

Well, praise God ~ even with this slight fever and loss of voice
i don't really feel burned out. I don't really have a clue where
i go from here, but as I talked with a friend today~i have to just
do and enjoy what is before me. So right now that is tons of
chapters i haven't read for PSYCH and tons of chapters and essays
I haven't read for my Business course! i really plan this summer to
really spend some quality time with friends i haven't been able
to really hang with~to truly just enjoy being in their presence and
cherishing their friendship. I've been so busy with everything i feel bad
for not keeping in touch with so many of you out there. i'm such a
scrooge. but yeah, i'm excited about the next months because i feel
like God is going to really let me do some "fun" things. Don't worry
i'm still radical~crazy~militant~warrior as much as i can be, but I guess
i'm realizing there is a part of me that is just plain old "goofy" and pretty
"dorky" ....jaeson ma still needs to have fun sometimes. I know i'm not
good at it ~ but eddie dobson i'm going to work on it! Eccles says
there is a time for for me that means there is a "time for war"
and there is also a "time for fun" ..... I'll pray for 5 hours and play for 5 hours
woohoooooo! okay..i don't think i'm making sense anymore. sleepy time. ;oD

below is an update on universoul on sunday...
it was what it was...we did our best...and God
did the rest. Thanks guys for all the support n' help!!!

To my fellow souldiers in Christ,

How grateful I am for each of your prayers for yesterdays Universoul outreach.
I am so in AWE of what God did and how He chose to do it yesterday. All I can
say, is God came through again at the last minute by showing us again~its not what
we can do, but only what He can do through us.

At the outset I was quite discouraged. From 11am-3pm or so there was barely anyone
at the festival. In my heart I had done my best to prepare myself for this let down by
reminding myself whatever the outcome I am still God's beloved. It was tough to do so.
By midday I was already burnt out and wanting the event to end. I was at the end of my rope
when I finally decided this isn't my event, its God's. I chose to praise Him no matter what and
relinquish my control over it to Him. This is when the miracles began to happen.

Around 3:30pm or so more people started trickling into the event. It kept getting more and more.
I randomly told Erica to share her testimony ahead of schedule and as she began to share her
testimony on stage of how she almost died at a rave through GHB poisoning she began to weep~and
that's when the Spirit of God fell. Again probably 90% of the crowd were not Christ followers, but they
began to clap for her. I felt led to ask Erica to sing "I could sing of your love forever" and as she
did I could feel the presence of God just descend upon the entire outdoor field. At this moment
the dynamic of the event changed. It changed from what we wanted to happen to what God
wanted to happen.

At 4pm I get a phone call that KRSONE our main headliner whom everyone came out to see was stuck
in traffic, took the wrong freeway and at least 3 hours away from the event. He was slated to perform at 6pm. By now, I had really given up on the event and was truly just asking God's will to be done.
The san jose state authorities told me to just cancel KRS, tell the crowd the bad news and get our
deposit back. After some thought, I decided if he doesn't get here by 7pm we'll cancel the performance, \
but if he does come, then on with the show. Whatever the case, I had given up my plans
by now and was trying to discern what God was doing in the mist of all the chaos.

The next band after Erica spoke was 4th Ave Jones. Oh my GOODNESS! They came out with a
live hip rock soul band and by now there was a sea of people all over the festival. Crowds started
gathering to the front of the stage and the SHOW WAS OFF DA HOOK! After they performed,
there was a sense of anticipation I sensed in the crowd and with the possibility of KRSONE not
performing I said to myself, "Alright forget the seeker friendly strategy I'm just going to share my
heart, my full testimony and give an inviation to commit to Christ." Crazy!

I don't know what happened but I gave my full blown testimony, preached Chirst and asked the crowd
to respond with repentance and faith. I couldn't believe my eyes, the crowd listened the whole time
and as I challenged them to follow Christ by raising their hands~hands everywhere shot up in the air!
We prayed the prayer of salvation and the Holy Spirit led me to pray for deliverance from addictions,
depression and bondage. The Spirit of God was so present I just asked, "Who here seriously just
felt the love of God touch you?" Again hands everywhere shot up in the air~it was a holy moment.

Is God insanse or what? He always does the unexpected and what we plan I find seldom is what He
has planned. We explained to the crowd we would be starting a young adult church ministry
at sjsu the following sunday and directed them to prayer counselors. From there God took over UNIVERSOUL. As I get off the stage I find out KRSONE would make it to the event by 6:30pm!!!

It was like pandomonium when KRS arrived! The crowds started hanging in trees
and it was sooo awesome to see mothers and lil' children on the backs of their dads throwing their
hands in the air and waving them all around like ya just don't care! KRS taught the crowds Hip Hop
is about peace, love, unity and having fun. This is the exact opposite of what commercial hip hop
music communicates today. I can't even begin to tell you what happened after the show when
I personally got to talk to KRS about His faith and what it truly means to be a Christian.
hehe..check out the universoul documentary. :OP

All I can is PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! Yesterday, we saw the future army of the
living God. It was a band of revolutionaries who were not afraid to raise their hands and stand
for Christ at a Hip Hop rave festival. Crazy. To think most of the crowd were not Christ followers
yet all they needed was to see other young people who had a fire for God. Thank you Tamika,
Quoc, Courtney, Adam, Teen Challenge, Erik, Josh all for sharing your passion for God on stage.
We will never truly know the ramifications of the seeds planted yesterday. Lives were changed
for the glory of God and HE DESERVES ALL THE PRAISE!!! HALELUJAH!

There is a revolution coming~the fires are beginning to burn. We must continue to fan the flames
with our prayers and be open to do whatever our master tells us to do. Obedience is the key
to success and I believe all of us were obedient to God together on this one. His ways are not
our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Destinies were released yesterday and visions
were given to young men and women. God is doing something new in our day, do we not yet
perceive it? I thank God all of you do or you wouldn't have been praying!

Please continue to pray as we start the "Soul House" this coming Sunday that many who
received flyers yesterday will come this sunday night to be equipped, trained and brought
to perfection in the Lord. Included is the flyer or you can right click download it at

Praise God for my MOMMY! I woke up with a fever this morning and I lost my voice. But, my
mom gave me all these weird tasting chinese herbal drinks and I fell back asleep till noon. I woke
up and the fever is mostly gone and I'm getting my voice back. Praise God for moms! All I have
to do now is catch up on 2 weeks of missed homework and studying and a new full load
of courses.................ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! We can do all things through Christ Jesus who
strengthens us!

To all who volunteered with UNIVERSOUL -----BIG FAT THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!!!
I wish I could thank each one of you with a hug and a HI 5!!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK! GOD ROCKS!

Full of Joy,

And He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15
(KRSONE gave me this verse and explained it~this is what it means to be a Christ-ian..crazy i'll
explain at another time)

ps...who is the awesome person who bought me a "pearl tea" from tapioca express
while i was on stage...YOU TOTALLY SAVED MY DAY! THANKQ~~!!!


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