Saturday, May 17, 2003

Monki boi says….

o 0_O o
( ___ )

1. Too much stuuuudying for Jaeson dis week! (monki brain gone coo coo)
2. Lakers lost =o( its all on mike bibby baby!
3. Pray 4 Soul House dis Sunday night (whoa!)
4. Thankful for my new radical friends...sean, ashley & john, aimee, tim, kevin, josh, guy, aaron, laura~ da army keeps building
5. can't say now but some SUPER big things coming up for me! Please pray the Lord will guide me
especially this coming Tuesday to walk in His perfect will & to hold fast to my integrity no matter what. woohooo!
6. seriously need new time managment strategy for all this "newness" in life
7. i'm addicted to "jamba juice" ~soy drinks :OD
8. got to see Matrix 2 w/ eileen n' gang. (honestly~a bit disappointed~unecessary make out scenes~corny etc.)
9. allergies .... gotta keep packn opc, noni juice, vitamin c, multivitamins, moms herbal drinks (yuuuuk)

well...dunno why i feel so excited. no matter what happens I have to make God my great reward, but at the same
time, man, i just feel like anything can happen today. and that gets me soooo excited! with God everyday is
a new adventure waiting to be explored, sometimes i feel like a little indiana jones hehe.....well lets see what
God does next!!! in the mean time.......i'm just going to enjoy today! :OD


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