Friday, May 23, 2003

this last week has been quite a learning experience...

"seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you."

So I get a phone call from a casting agency last thursday that a national commercial
i had auditioned for potentially wanted to fly me out to LA this past Tuesday for
a call back. If i landed this commercial i would pretty much be financially set. The problem
was, 3 months ago I scheduled myself to speak at Roger Middle School's bible club
with Youth for Christ. I had postponed on them twice and told them I would be able
to do it for sure this past Tuesday, but now i was thinking about cancelling.

Well, what do you choose when you have the potential to land a $50,000 TV commercial
or potentially save souls for eternity. I felt like Jesus being taken up to the pinnacle
being tempted by satan. I called my mentors, even the director of YFC and they all said
it would be okay if I cancelled on the speaking engagement as long as someone covered,
cause it's not everday you get a chance to be in a national commercial. Well, I took the
advice and decided i would probably go for the commercial and cancel on speaking, but
i left it in God's hands.

Monday, I get a call from my agent and he tells me Jaeson they will not be flying you out
to LA for the commercial. So by God's sovereignty I went to speak at Rogers middle.
It turns out the entire club of about 25-30 teens were all non-Christian. The campus leader
told me this has been the hardest club she's ever had and many times they have had
the opportunity to receive Christ, but would not respond. Yet, they kept coming back to
Bible club?

Even though i was a bit dissapointed about the tv commercial opportunity, I put it behind
me and prayed God would let Tuesday be the day of salvation for these jr high kids.
I went into the class room, told my testimony, shared the Gospel and challenged the kids
to stand up and give their life to Jesus....25 stood up! Good think if I had gone
to LA for the commercial shoot, 25 souls may not have been saved from the fires of hell.
how foolish it was for me to think about my own benefits, above the eternal benefits
of ones salvation. The Lord humbled me Tuesday by showing me the importance of
ones integrity to the Gospel message. If I do God's business, He will handle my business.
Lord have mercy on my selfishness and kill any ungodly motivation or desire. May I live
a life of integrity, obedience and honor to your written Word.

On a side note, amidst all the studying, essays, and new school projects that have
been making me go crazy...I was able to attend the G12 conference at Jubilee
this week. Truly, God is confirming a new sovereign move of His spirit all over
this earth. It can not be by coincidence that the Lord has laid upon my heart to
start a new church in a small group paradigm. All over the world cell churches
are thriving in Columbia, Korea, Africa, Argentina, India...did you know
evangelist Reinhard Bonke has led over 8 million to Christ in the last 6 months
in Africa? Did you know over 30,000 new converts are being baptized in
in icy cold rivers in China daily? Did you know world wide over 1 million new
Christians are coming to faith each week? Did you know all this is happening
and none of this is being accredited to a super gifted Pastor, or a fancy church
with cool programs and awesome power point? The end time harvest is
happening all over the world, the final hour is close at hand and where are we
in America? We are still stuck in entertaining christians sitting in pews every
Sunday, planning our next program, etc etc..the state of the American church
reminds me more of "movie theaters" rather than NEW TESTAMENT Pentecost.

I'm tired of entertainment. Jesus called us to make disciples and that is what
I am determined to do. About a month ago i prayed to God in this journal He
would raise up a revolutionary army of believers who would not be afraid to
even go to "the death" in following Christ to come along side me. Within only
4 weeks i have met more on fire young people than i have in my entire 4 year
tenure of ministry here in silicon valley. thank you Jesus...thank you for those
who have an ear to hear and are willing to pay the price of the Cross. God didn't
call the church to make programs, He called us to make disciples. And unless
you hate your own mother and father, take up the cross and deny yourself, you
can not be a disciple of Jesus. He is Lord of all or none at all.

I have been quite encouraged these last few days. Finally, I am beginning to
understand the Government of 12. Which is truly the "Jesus Model" ...if you
there is a book you must read apart from the Bible it is Robert Colemans
"master plan of evangelsim." You see, Jesus' master plan to evangelize
the world was depedant on 12 disciples. He didn't spend most of His time
on TV or doing crusades, He gave his life to 12 and in turn those 12 gave
their lives into others who eventually impacted the entire world with what
we call today-Christianity.

My prayer Lord is that You would give me 12. give me 12 men who
will be able to make 12 disciples who in turn will make another 12.
Give me men who know nothing else but Jesus Christ and Him crucified
and may they be ones who are so in Love with You they will die for you
and even lay down their life for their friends.
Give to Laura and Aime 12 women who will have the same fiery passion
and dedicated focus to evangelize the world. Teach me Your ways, I am only
a child in the faith, but give me wisdom beyond even the sages and supernaturally
release to me the gift of faith to dream the DREAMS of God to bring the youth of the nations to Christ!

In Jesus name amen.

its on........


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