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24-7 Campus House of Prayer + Campus Church Planting (Pt.1)

About 3 years ago I had gone through a journey of receiving a prophetic strategy the Holy Spirit would orchestrate in order to release revival upon this generation again. Very simply it was two things...

House of Prayer + Church Planting = Fulfill the Great Commandment & Great Commission in our generation

If I were to expound on this prophetic journey I think I would have to write a book. All I am saying is that the revelational strategy I received 3 years ago is now coming to pass on the college campuses. The below testimony from UC Berkeley is an example of 24-7prayer being established as a pre-cursor to the outpooring of God's Spirit upon this generation. I believe in the coming years we are going to see campus houses of prayer raised up on ever major college campus and out of that movements of "simple churches" reaching every un-reached student group on our campuses will be birthed to reap in the Greatest Harvest mankind has ever witnessed. What is God doing right now? He is preparing for the final missionary army that is birthed out of God's presence and sent in apostolic passion to bring back the King.

Why Campus Houses of Prayer? (CHOP) God is going to restore the Tabernacle of David before His final return and have for Himself a House of Prayer for all nations (Isaiah 56:7) God's goal is heaven on earth. What are they doing in heaven? They are doing "harp and bowl" or "worship and intercession" night and day before the throne of God (Revelation 5:8) It is worship and prayer that brings God's presence in its fullest manifestation. This is what we are contending for on our campuses. We must have a burning passion to see 24-7prayer & worship raised up in order to prepare our campuses to be a habitation of the Lord. Without enjoyable prayer, without steadfast inetercession and lives encountering God in worship we are "toast." We won't last. Good fellowship meetings, Bible studies, outreach events won't send our hell-bent student bodies into the kingdom. No! The only thing that will empower God's Church with all BOLDNESS is a Bride that is continually standing before the King, in His presence and removed completely of fear. We must "park the ark" of God's presence on our universities. Whenever the ark was parked it brought "blessing" in other words it brought "REVIVAL." This was true for Obed-Edom's home when the ark was parked there it brought prosperity. It was true when it entered into the pagan courts of the false god "Dagon" and the ark was parked and the demonic idol of Dagon fell head first before the almighty presence of God. Yes, we must contend for the presence of God on our campuses and this only comes through continual, relentless, prayer/fasting and warfare worship! This is not just having a mediocre prayer meeting and singing good songs out in public or in a room. No, this is radical, desperate, heart seeking fervent prayer and worship!

UCLA: We've been contending in outdoor worship and intercession in the middle of the darkest stronghold on campus "Bruin Walk" weekly in the middle of campus declaring to the principalities their time is up, God is near, His kingdom has come.

Stanford: We heard last year mobilized all campus fellowships for one week of 24-7prayer and they set up an actual room on campus where students took 1 hour shifts around the clock for a whole week asking God to send revival!

Ohio State University: Our CCN Associate Allison Brooks has started the first proto-type 24-7prayer house across the street from the university ( It is an actual house rented by Christians cooperating from different campus ministries sending in worship and prayer teams around the clock for 2 hour shifts contending for a spiritual atmospheric change over OSU. Just last week Alison and her two friends have been empowered with boldness by being in the OSU CHOP & started outdoor preaching in the middle of OSU "big lawn" prophesying and ministering healing "day after day" with miracles following. You can check out her report on our student testimony page.

UC Berkeley: This just came in last week a wild report of how God mobilized hundreds of students to hold a 48 hour campus house of prayer within 4 days supernaturally. The presence of God is now burning and more students are crying out for more as UCB once again I believe will be the center of revolution. But this time not a revolution of rebellion, but a revolution of reformation. Seeking to see the kingdoms of men become the kingdoms of our God!

University of Washington: Our CCN Associates there have reported a radical nightly prayer meeting that has gone on non-stop for 6 months every night in the middle of "Red Square" called "Shakina" where sometimes dozens and hundreds of students "give up homework/sleep" to pray from 9pm to sometimes 2am EVERY NIGHT, 7 days a week, for the past 6 months! The revival prayer movement there has hit the front page of the Seattle Newspapers and they are seeing not only students getting saved, but signs and wonders being released. Reports of "gold dust"+ "miraculous healings"+ "demonic deliverances" and the presence of God overcoming students with "supernatural laughter and joy!" Does this sound like something straight out of the book of Acts? You may say it sounds "out there" well I'm determined to not put God in a box. When He shows up~ all human wisdom goes out the window. We becomes fools for Christ because we are full of the Holy Spirit. Did the pagans not accuse the 120 disciples of being drunk with wine at 9am in the morning?'s time we got drunk in the Holy Spirit and no longer cared what the world thinks, but share with them the love of Christ! (

(, check out our friends at, it's happening nationwide)

None of the above is happening because they are holding nice fellowship meetings- it is happening because students are going beyond the "program" and are going after the "presence". I'm all for fellowship and social gatherings with brothers and sisters in Christ, but not at the expense of "revival." I would rather pray and seek God's face for 2 hours than attend another meeting that is more focused on socializing than going after God. I may sound harsh, but I can't help the pain & frustration I feel in my spirit. The national average of Christians on a university campus is 4% and the majority of that 4% come from Christian backgrounds. We are not reaching barely anyone on our campuses, we are simply recruiting Christians. This is not ok. We are losing the battle, but not if we give ourselves to worship and intercession. Raise up the campus houses of prayer! Contend for heaven on earth! Mobilize others, but begin with yourself, fast like Daniel fasted and pray like Elijah prayed. We don't have tomorrow we only have today!

I will share more later on the Campus House of Prayer & how it connects to Campus Church Planting Movements. All I can say right now is that without fulfilling the Great Commandment in warfare worship and dedicated intercession first, we will not be able to see an open heaven over our campuses and the great harvest released. The House of Prayer, the presence of God, is what energizes the most effective evangelism and church planting. Without the campus house of prayer going forth first, everything else will be done in the power of our flesh. This generation doesn't need more persuasive wise words of men, they need to encounter the POWER OF GOD! It begins in establishing the groundwork in worship, fasting and prayer on a massive level.

House of Prayer + Church Planting....

How do these two work together? In the coming days I will be writing a few thoughts on our understanding of the word "church" and how God is now changing the "face of Church" right before our eyes in this generation. Get ready, a reformation is here and a revolution is upon us. The 2nd reformation is taking place and we will no longer be a "come to" church but a "go to" church. Meaning, we are going to stop going to church and start "being the church" bringing God's kingdom to everyplace, everywhere at everytime on our campuses, in our cities and to the nations. Church is not a building, it is not a personality or a program. It is not just a slick powerpoint presentation and cool candles on the side, with a hip worship band and a seeker friendly sermon. Church is where 2 or 3 gather, where believers are coming together, forging together to be obedient to the commands of Jesus. God is raising up "campus missionaries" ones who will be "sent" with the same passion as the first apostles in order to go in and hit every fraternity, sorority, club, organization, dorm floor, apartment complex, sports team, social organization, every group of students that are un-reached with the transforming power of the Gospel by bringing church to them, planting church among them, doing church "simply" with them and empowering them to do the same until a holy movement of passionate pilgrims cover our cities and to the ends of the earth with God's glory.

Get ready. Pray, fast, and prepare for the greatest harvest a generation has ever seen.


hey guys,

I have a man for you. Becky Tirabassi spoke at berkeley a few weeks ago and this dude (a long with a bunch of others) got set on FIRE! he burns for unity and prayer at Berkely. they just did a 48 hour prayer room last week (put it together in a few days!). God is on the move on their campus right now...I thought one of you guys might want to contact Matt Kwok and get the scoop...and possibly start some networking - booyah!

His name is Matt Kwok.

His blog talking about their 48 hour prayer furnace is

And their website with some talk on how God's moving at Berkley is



At 11/15/2005 07:00:00 AM , Blogger campustransform said...

Go forth! Army of God!

At 11/17/2005 12:21:00 AM , Anonymous Ben Lee said...

Jaeson CHOP sound great. Also, there is a large xanga community that would love to hear what you share what God is doing so if you have the time and energy, you should create a xanga page to post your messages. Blessings.

At 11/17/2005 01:13:00 AM , Anonymous claraliu said...

Wow praise the Lord

At 11/17/2005 08:12:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, that sounds great... praise Papa...
need to always pray more...
praying on!


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