Thursday, February 09, 2006


Dear prayer team,

I am three words right now "IN THE ZONE" revival prayer has been breaking out on college campuses across the nation. In specific Asbury College is experiencing another great awakening & it all started through "student-led prayer cells" this
strategy rings true in every historic college revival of the past "students simply getting on their faces in united prayer for God's power to show up!" I LOVE IT! Before I get too EXCITED I know this is all just humble beginning of what God is going to pour out in the coming days once again on university and high school campuses of America. I've never felt such focus and intensity to pray and fast for student awakening since the early days of THE CALL movement. We are certainly in a KAIROS moment and hour. Which brings me to asking you for major prayer this weekend....for our UCLA 24/7 prayer room and I am speaking at a major Asian American college student conference called EPIC in Norcal.

Prayer Points:

0. Pray against COLD. Yesterday someone passed a cold virus to me, I've been fighting th symptoms all day yesterday and today. I WILL NOT BE SICK in JESUS NAME AMEN! Pray in agreement for divine healing and health.

(Feb 8-9, 6pm-6pm) Our student leaders along with other students from different campus ministries are uniting together in "night and day" worship and intercession for God's revival glory to fall at UCLA. It starts at 6pm today and ends at 6pm tomorrow. Please pray that the power of God shows up and encounters UCLA once again.

a. Pray for a spirit of repentance, confession and restitution be released for cleansing UCLA and the Body of Christ from its sins
b. Pray for a GREAT AWAKENING of God's love, power and manifest presence be ushered into the prayer room and overflowing onto campus!
c. Pray for the WELL OF REVIVAL to be re-dug through the seeds of BILL BRIGHT (Founder of Campus Crusade) who founded CCC at UCLA more than 50 years ago. That Campus Crusade for Christ movement was a radical, prophetic, pioneering student revival movement of its day, its time for
another prophetic move of God's power to sweep through UCLA and into LA and the Nations once again!
d. Pray for REVIVAL at UCLA period.
e. check da site:

10-12) (
This weekend I will be speaking to over 200 Asian American student leaders and
staff at Campus Crusade for Christ's pacific west coast revival conference in Santa Clara California. I truly believe this gathering will be historic as CCC
has been partnering together with us to see simple church movements multiplied on college universities all across the US and Nations...a few target prayers..

a. Revival Thru Asian American students on West Coast:
It has always been my conviction that revival in California would start among
Asian American students on college campuses. This conference could very well be that STRIKING POINT where a spirit of revival goes from this conference back to almost every major college campus in the West Coast from Norcal to Socal.
b. Holy Spirit to fall in power
Pray the fire of God falls, hearts are turned back, minds transformed and lives laid down for God's GLORY in their generation
c. Student Volunteer Missions Movement to East Asia back to Jerusalem A student volunteer missions movement to spark among Asian American College Students at EPIC to EAST ASIA BACK TO JERUSALEM. I will be releasing a challenge as I have at every other conference for students to give up their lives to at least 2 years of missions in East Asia TO JerusaleM. This is the first time I will partner and challenge Campus Crusade and IV students to this!
d. REVIVAL at the conference
Pray students receive the in-filling and power of the Holy Spirit and REVIVAL FALLS IN FULL MEASURE AT THE CONFERENCE
A spirit of prayer is released on the student/staff leaders, they start prayer revivals on their campuses and START SIMPLE CHURCH MOVEMENTS on every college campus in the West Coast!

I am praying and I am thankful that you are praying. IT IS TIME TO PRAY LIKE NO OTHER RIGHT NOW. We are under an open heaven and it is only in prayer that God's Holy Spirit may visit in power as one pastor told Evan Roberts the young 13 year old who led the Welsh revival in 1904 because of dedicating himself to prayer. IT'S TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets do dis....for God's GLORY!

For campus, city and nation revival,


At 2/09/2006 07:04:00 PM , Blogger pearl said...

guess what? i met george barna! im not sure why its such a big deal...i guess it's jsut because ive seen his statistics everywhere. but yeah, anyways, take care and God bless!

At 2/10/2006 08:29:00 AM , Anonymous Alvin Law said...

May God annoint you from head to toe with his holy annointing and love. Get holy drunk! And let God's glory come!


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