Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Random Summer Ramblings...

Summer is here and yeah...I think I'm going to post a few random thots on here :)

Hong Kong Global Day of Prayer

I just got back from Hong Kong and Shanghai. It was an amazing time of catching up with family, friends and our network leaders. The testimonies from each of what God is doing in and through their lives was such a encouragement to hear. It was also a blessing to witness 32,000 plus Hong Kong Christians praying and worshipping in the HK Stadium. It was powerful and the presence of God was so present. I am so proud of my aunt for her faith and perseverance to unite the Body of Christ in HK and this year through her efforts 37,000 united in Singapore in the national stadium and over 50,000 all over Taiwan prayed in 10 cities. God is moving and His eye is upon Asia. I dreamed about these things as a young christian ...but now to see stadiums filled right before my eyes and the body of Christ united in my homeland is a blessing I don't know how to count. Transformation is immminent in East Asia and it's role in God's end time mission is centerpiece.

Steven Curtis Chapman in Hong Kong?

In HK I also met Steven Curtis Chapman in a random unplanned dinner. I was incredibly inspired by this man of God and his heart for China. He has adopted 3 orphan girls in China as his own. Each story is a miracle in itself in how the Lord led his family to adopt them. They are sooo beautiful. Not only this, but God through Steven's testimony convicted and challenged me to do the same. Pure and undefiled religion is to take care of widows and orphans. My prayer is that God would give me this compassion and that one day I would be able to adopt children, especially those in China. For I know this is heavy upon God's heart. You can find out more on how to adopt through Steven's website:

I'm also encouraged because Steven and I really connected at the heart level for the youth of Hong Kong & Asia. We prayed that God would raise up a new generation of artists and musicians who love Christ and transform media culture in Asia for God's glory. Let it be so... ><>

Visit to Shanghai

I decided to extend my stay in Asia for one more day and went to a city I've been waiting to visit for some time. What can I say about Shanghai? It felt like destiny the moment I came into the city. There are a few cities in this world that I have been to, that when I stepped foot into the city I knew I was called there. Shanghai is one of them. I don't know exactly when but the city had a passion, heart and life to it that was amazing and beautiful. It reminded me of Paris but with an oriental twist. Sad thing was the amount of smog in the air, but other than that, I fell in love with Shanghai. I know I will be back. Below is a picture of my aunt and I eating in Shanghai at a restaraunt on "The Bund" was cool.

Graduation Time @ UCLA :)

I got back to LA the first Sunday of June...what a blessing to be back home. This year has been one heck of a ride. I love my Passion Church family @ UCLA!!! It has become my spiritual family and my closest of friends. On Sunday we had house church out on the lawn of UCLA by jan steps. It was a surprise picnic for our graduating seniors. Although, passion church now has many different simple churches planted on the campus, it was great to see the original PC crew gathered together to celebrate all the hard work and memories of the seniors who started PC. It was a blessing to just enjoy one another, encourage the seniors with words and celebrate all that God had done this year. We saw sooooo many lives changed, souls saved, hearts transformed and challenges overcome. I feel like I've known this lil band of brothers and sisters for my whole life, but it's only been one year. I'm so proud of each of them for their faith, perseverance, passion and prayers. Who would of thought that a lil band of students at UCLA would pioneer a new move of God...believing that God could use them to transform UCLA? Many didn't think they could do it, but they did. They overcame obstacles, truly learned to love God, love one another & love the lost. haha..when looking back with what God did in the fraternities in saving & transforming so many this year Caleb was like, "Dude, this thing really works!" Man, it was awesome to see souls won, disciple made and simple churches planted. I am so proud of them and this is only the beginning! It's wild, but through starting Passion Church at UCLA other students were inspired and started a Passion Church movement at UCSD...amen it's just awesome seeing students take initiative and doing everything the Bible says they can do! GO & MAKE DISCIPLES!!!

That same Sunday passion church 2 had end of the year BBQ @ the beach and haha...praise Him. unplanned, Crystal and Stephen got baptized in the ocean!!! Steven just gave his life to Christ a week before and oh my goodness, I almost lost Crystal when baptizing her cause a FAT MASSIVE WAVE hit us from behind. I felt soooo bad :( but she was so sweet and totally was still praising God!

Then this last weekend I went to a bunch of graduations...a bunch! But although gradution ceremonies are not from God (haha) they are worth it for the one graduating. Ada, Caleb, Dragon, Sarah, Sam, Thao, Dave BIG UPS and CONGRATS!!!

Father's Day - What A Blessing!

I don't know what to say but THANK YOU LORD for reconciling and healing my family. It was a blessed father's day back in norcal. My dad, mom, sisters and grandma all went out to eat "seafood buffet" with massive all you can eat sushi oh yeah. The greatest blessing of all was seeing my family united, full of joy and laughing. It's been a long time coming, but its like the Lord has given me a new family. A new dad, a new mom and new sisters...oh and grandma just cracks me up! she is like a Holy Ghost fire-cracker! My mom was sharing with me so many awesome testimonies of how she has been prayer walking and evangelizing our new neighborhood, witnessing to chinese restaraunt workers and God showing up in miracles, signs and wonders. Dude, don't mess wit my momma, she can pack a lethal punch to darkness!!! I love her and I love my pops too. He's working hard now and doing well, I'm so proud of him. My pops even without me asking waxed my 65' mustang and got it tune up and cleared out the garage himself (with a bad back) so we could park my "girlfriend" in the garage. What a Dad :)

Random Movie thots...

Ok...Nacho Libre has to be the FUNNIEST MOVIE I have seen in like ....I dunno, it's frikkn HILARIOUS!!!!! ahahahahahaha....jack black is insane and yeah it was so funny that by 2/3 into the movie I couldn't laugh anymore, I was laughed out and wondering what was going on? lol...but yeah, i guess it must be my kind of "random humor" cause not everyone who watched it thot it was dat funny..i was like "whut?" how can you not think that wasn't funny...haha..i wanted to pee in my pants it was soooo funny. After the movie I just kept pondering to myself "how long till the dvd comes out?" hahaha...

I think I've gone on "movie catch up" mode for the past month. Since I haven't been able to watch any movies because of non-stop ministry at ucla and elsewhere...i had to play catch up once the school year was winding down. I've seen MI-3, Xmen3, Glory Road, Firewall (on da plane), and a few others...I can't wait for Superman and Pirates of the will be a good summer. Yes, I am still going to pray and fast for revival, but I'm also going to watch my movies :P speaking of which...

A Walk to Remember :)

So this weekend I randomly for the first time in my life was led (j/k) to buy some chick flicks at blockbuster. For watever reason I ended up buying "Hitch" and "A Walk to Remember" I have not watched "A Walk to Remember" for at least 4-5 years I think. The first time I watched it I was like in high school with a bunch of church friends and for some reason it seemed ok. So I'm going to be honest... :P

I watched it again the other night at the Ainslie's (my 2nd family) in San Jose and yeah, I really liked it. I think I cried for the last quarter of the movie. Honestly, that movie has alot of heart. I couldn't help but cry because the love they had for one another was beyond romance, it was something more powerful than death, it was true love. Landon and Jamie haha...that is what falling love should be :) a commitment to love one another till death do us part. Something hit me at the end where Landon says, "The love we experienced was short, but its more than what most experience in a lifetime." hmmm...dats awesome. I'm such a sap, I've never done this for any chick flick in my life, but after watching the movie I was so inspired I bought the soundtrack at Target :P (not to mention dat the soundtrack is comprised of songs from my favorite band "switchfoot" haha)

I don't think I've ever blogged about this but I made a commitment when I was 21 to stay single till 28. Now unless God speaks to me in a audible voice to marry someone I'm keeping my commitment because I want to give God the best years of my life to be maximized for His purposes (1 Corinthians 7) But yeah, haha... I think if I met a gal like Jamie in the movie that would be something special :)

Last random thot...

i want to go deeper with God. sometimes i would really like to get away from all the pressures/expectations of ministry and just be with God and enjoy a simple life. Maybe live in Hawaii for a year and get a job at starbucks where no one knows me and I can serve God low key...haha. I love what I do, but the weight of this calling can be too much at times. When I was a freshmen/sophomore/junior in college it was a simple and wonderful time. I spent hours a day with God, read massive christian books, and was led by the Spirit to share Christ wherever I went. It is still the same today in many ways, but also not the same. Things are alot more busy, with more responsibilities and more expectations, more traveling. People expect you to be perfect, to perform, when God expects you to simply enjoy His presence & have a love relationship with Him. I'm trying to find my way back to simplicity, to serve God and not man, to find my center, to rest in His presence and not worry about my to-do list. I want to minister again out of abundant and abiding love, I need to wait upon Him more and rest. The greatest warfare is the warfare to rest. Ministry can wait, rest can't. It's a fine balance, but I would choose the latter than the former. Mary of Bethany chose one thing & this is what I want for my life.

random thots. end.


At 6/22/2006 07:12:00 AM , Anonymous Joseph said...


I am inspired by this post on multiple fronts. It was good to get a report on the Global Day of Prayer from Asia. Too wonderful for words. Second, the Steven Curtis Chapman dinner...I too have been inspired by his taking the gospel seriously enough to adopt those 3 precious baby girls. I have encouraged many in that direction. Lastly, NACHO LIBRE is very funny. I experienced great healing laughter as I watched. I felt silly in the theatre as I laughed mt guts out! It was great! Blessings to you in the work and the intimacy with Christ that fuels the work.

At 6/22/2006 08:39:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! Pastor Jaeson, after you posted this blog, I think there should be too many sisters want to see "A Walk to Remember".

It is an interesting vignette. I like it. God is good all the time. He loves you so much! God bless you!!!

At 6/22/2006 08:58:00 AM , Blogger Benson said...

these are my favorite posts j. though uhh i dunno about a walk to remember...haha jk.

i was at the bund last summer, crazy view :)

good times.

At 6/22/2006 09:22:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow. god is moving. amen.

At 6/22/2006 09:55:00 AM , Blogger Jaeson Ma said...

yo benson..u were in shanghai? tite..haha...we'll go back together next time and EXPLORE the city...haha :P

At 6/24/2006 09:12:00 PM , Anonymous anita said...

all i have to say're lucky crystal's so nice. haha. jk. God is funny like that. :)
and yes...this whole simple church thing really does work.

At 6/25/2006 11:16:00 AM , Blogger richard said...

the last paragraph about wanting to leave the pressures and expectations of ministry--especially the part about expectations of performance--resonate deep. thanks for writing them. it is refreshing to see that honesty, really. helps me to walk. peace.

At 6/26/2006 06:09:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, sometimes if you feel tired, I recommand you to hear a song "Rest in You" from Hillsong UNITED Look to You, this is my best choice for you and myself too.
"All I know is I find rest in you (Jesus/The Holy Spirit)"

At 6/26/2006 11:17:00 AM , Anonymous Grace said...


For sure, don't let yourself burn out because of your busyness.. It is true that resting is probably harder than working. Maybe, it's because we're living in a society that idolizes productivity?.. I guess, that's one of the possibility. But definitely, find your rest in God..=). Remember why you are doing all the things that you are doing right now.. Keep your eyes on the big picture of God's story.. Keep your eyes on Jesus.. Keep your eyes on the cross! Take care!!


At 6/27/2006 08:23:00 AM , Blogger T.J. Williams, "SirWiLZ" for kickz. said...

Yo! Im one of Kimberly Chung's friends in Austin. i produced her solo cd, so hastle her to let u hear it! haha. anyway, she constantly mentions u and how great u are, so i decided to check out ur blog. im blown away. ur fire is contageous bro!

At 6/28/2006 09:53:00 PM , Blogger joycelynsun said...

hey jaeson!
i was the one who bumped into you at the golobal day of prayer! it was good seeing you! =]

At 6/29/2006 12:46:00 PM , Blogger Jaeson Ma said...

hey joycelyn! nice way to spell ur name :) great to hear from are thing in hk? wat are you up to this summer? keep me posted! global day was awesome more to come! jaes

At 7/03/2006 09:02:00 PM , Blogger joycelynsun said...

hey jaeson! nice way to spell your name too! hah actually christine(your cousin) was actually the psychology teacher at my school. yep. i'm actually jetting off back to LA tonight! hope you're having a great summer! =]

At 7/08/2006 01:33:00 AM , Blogger Cheri Beri said...

Hey Jaeson!
Um well you probably get this a lot but I met you at the Nyack retreat this year (I was part of the group of sort of odd kids playing "Guang Dong Fried Noodle" game). Ya, I just wanna tell you how encouraging the retreat was for me...Praise God! It was especially encouraging to see a group of younger kids on fire for God! I attended another conference at Hofstra University recently and I saw 5 year olds giving their all for God. It was amazing. Anyways, it's awesome to be reminded in this way to pray for the faith and joy of a child!

God Bless You Mucho!

At 9/26/2006 11:32:00 AM , Blogger jontsai said...

1 cor 7 =)


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