Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Campus Revival: Radical Baptisms & Prophetic Evangelism Stories!

This Winter Break I got to start the new year by seeing the hand of God move in power with students across America. I spoke at the One Thing conference in Kansas City where more than 16,000+ young adults gathered to seek the face of God in greater intimacy, crying out for a great awakening upon our generation on 12/31 during "The Call KC." The gathering, the messages and presence of God were powerful.

SD Winter Conference: 30+ New Baptisms!

I then had to fly out to San Diego to speak at Campus Crusades Winter Conference. That was a blast :) After my message on "The Great Commission Revolution" I challenged students to take seriously the direct commands of Christ in Matthew 28:18-20 "to Go and not to Come" second "To Make Disciples and not Converts" third "to be Baptizers and not Wait to be Baptized" and fourth "to Teach others to Obey not Teach to Obtain more Knowledge." I shared that Biblically every person who confessed Christ as Lord were baptized immediately in the New Testament, that there should be nothing hindering us from being water baptized if we seriously confess Jesus as Lord. Faith without actions is dead. If Christ commanded us to be not only baptized, but baptizers than if we are not, we are being disobedient to His Great Commission.

As I was on the stage preaching this, a student ran up on the stage weeping and said, "I've been a Christian for more than 10 years and I'm still not baptized, I've been disobedient, you must baptize me now!" This students courage to humble herself and respond to God's preached word with radical obedience inspired over 30+ students after the message to confess Jesus as Lord and be immediately water baptized in the outside hotel fountain pool! It was crazy God, but we had students baptizing students four at a time after the session. It was a holy moment. It was powerful as students jumped in with full clothes on, getting immersed in water and coming up out of the water as new creations in Christ as their friends laid hands prayed and prophesied destiny upon them! Come on!

I know the prophetic word that Pastor Philip gave me a month ago in Malaysia is coming to pass. "Jaeson you will experience 100 new baptisms in your movement very soon and it will be the beginning sign of a new baptism movement that will spark a revival across campuses and cities in your nation!" Since, I last posted that article on "A New Baptism Movement" I have received emails and testimonies of more than 75+ baptisms in the last month!

Prophetic Evangelism: Divine Healing in the Mall ~ Arthritis Healed Instantly!

After the baptisms, the students were sent out on the "Day of Faith" to share the Gospel on the streets of San Diego. I challenged them to listen to the Holy Spirit and partner with Him to share the Gospel by practicing prophetic evangelism. What happened with me and my bro Howie was awesome!

So, I was pretty tired and wanted to go grab some lunch. My ride back home was my good friend "Howie Ju" who decided to take me to the local mall cafeteria behind the conference hotel. As we went to the mall I told Howie, "I'm pretty tired, but we should practice prophetic evangelism at the mall while we are eating lunch and see if there is anyone God wants to bless today there." We got to the cafeteria and I was exhausted from preaching. But, if I preached on sharing the Gospel it would only be integrity that I didn't just tell students to go out and do the stuff, but I did it myself. So, before me and Howie prayed for our Rubio's tacos I said, "Howie lets bless the food but also wait in silence and listen to the Holy Spirit and see if we get anything from Him, such as a picture/image, a vision, a word or thought for someone He wants us to share the Gospel with in the mall and bless." We did. As we waited upon the Lord, I got a few images in my minds eye, I got "A large African American woman, she was wearing a long sleeve purple shirt and she was holding the hand of her daughter who was sick and I heard the Holy Spirit say 'pray for her child to be healed." I then looked up and asked Howie, "Did you hear or get anything from the Holy Spirit?" He said, "Yeah, I got a larger woman, she looked dark skin and I kept seeing a picture of shoe heels (shoe heals confirmed that we were to pray for divine healing)." I then shared with him what I got and we were both shocked and laughing thinking this has got to be God. So I said, "Well, let's eat our lunch and if God brings that woman along our way in the mall before we are done then we'll know we are to bless her!"

You won't believe it. After we were done eating, I looked up to my right and about four tables down there was a large African American woman, in a long sleeve purple shirt, sitting by herself eating her lunch. I said, "Howie look to my right over there!" We both knew it was God and not odd. So knowing this was the Holy Spirit's leading I walked up to this lady and introduced myself and stuck out my hand to shake hers. She looked at me funny, like I was crazy and said "Yes?" I said, "Hi my name is Jaeson and this is my friend Howie, you might think this is interesting but we were praying over there at the other table and felt like we heard God tell us to come over here bless you with a prayer. Is it okay that we pray a blessing over you?" She looked bewildered but said, "Why, yes you can pray for me." Then I said, "By any chance do you have a child who is sick? She said, "Yes, I have a son who is sick in the head, he's 16 years old with diabetes!" I said, "Do you believe Jesus can heal him if we pray for him right now?" She answered with "Yes, I believe He can."

So we held her hand and prayed for her son to be healed at that very moment. The presence of God was felt and then I asked her do you have a daughter who is sick also? She said, "Why yes, she has arthritis like me, you see I've had arthritis for 15+ years and so did my mother." I responded, "Do you believe Jesus can heal you of your arthritis?" She responded with faith and then I noticed her hands and fingers were completely crunched together and deformed. But I did not let that stop my faith from believing that Jesus wanted to heal and bless this woman with His loving grace. I held her left hand with Howie and prayed "Jesus I command this arthritis to be healed right now and all pain to leave completely. Come Holy Spirit touch these hands and heal her body in Jesus name!" When I was done praying I let go of my hands and asked her, "Can you try to do something you were not able to do before with your hands?" She said, "Well, I can't bend certain fingers at all." So I said, "Well, go ahead and close your hand into a fist and see what happens." She was a bit hesitant, but she tried and her hand smoothly closed into a perfect fist and then she released her hand and all her fingers right before our eyes straightened completely out!" She was totally healed of her arthritis! She then said in complete shock and amazement, "WE'LL I'LL BE DAMNED!" haha, she kept saying that over and over again! Then she said, "I can't believe it, I can bend my fingers and my hands! This is a miracle! We'll I'll be damned! I was just thinking how I wish I could bend my fingers this morning and wishing if it would ever be possible for this pain to go away!" We began to thank God and she did too with us. She then said, "Who are you? Do I owe you two anything?"

We said "No" we are just followers of Jesus and were led by the Holy Spirit in the mall to bless her. We then prayed for her neck that couldn't bend left or right without pain and clicks that also was stricken with arthritis, when she tried turning her neck it turned perfectly without clicks and pain. She was again astonished and at this point was at the point of tears , coming under the divine presence of the Holy Spirit in the mall. It was a beautiful moment. Jesus Loved this woman so much, He would single her out to us when we listed to His voice out of a mall of thousands of people to show her how much He cared :) You see, the Holy Spirit knows everything, He knows who's hungry for the Gospel, we just have to listen and follow His leadership!

She then hared with us that she was a Mormon, and we kindly explained to her that Jesus Christ is the only Lord and that the Bible is the only true infallible Word of God. She agreed with us and made Jesus Christ her Lord! We prayed and prophesied over her and she shared with us how it was always her desire to be used as an instrument in God's hand. We prophesied over her now that she was healed, she would bring God's healing power to others. A local church is now following up with her, to baptize her soon hopefully and I pray God uses her like He did the Ethiopian Eunuch who was converted & baptized by Phillip on the road who later brought the Gospel to all his nation. You never know what God will do when you plant the seed of the Gospel wherever you go, with whomever He leads you to! Her name is Glendora, pray for her new walk with Christ to grow up into all righteousness!

I'm excited about 2008. In this year I prophesy that God is going to restore the "office of evangelist" to the Body of Christ. We are going to see true blue evangelists rise up from the college campuses across this nation. Those who not only preach the Gospel with boldness, but demonstrate the Gospel with power! The harvest is here and we must daily pray for workers to go out and reap this new revival harvest. Don't wait, don't say 4 days till the harvest, TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION! Commit to share Christ with everyone and anyone you meet. Make the most of every opportunity, be ready to make a defense of the Gospel at all times, believe God for a harvest of souls and be a soul winner for he who wins souls is wise! Proverbs 11:30

"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise"

Be wise and win souls! Baptize them immediately! Pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit and commission them to do the same! Let's do this! It's time for another Jesus revolution!


I then flew back to KC and spoke at the Luke18 Project. More to say on that later. But how encouraging it was to partner with my covenant brother Brian Kim to gather hundreds of campus church leaders from across America to believe for 10,000 apostolic houses of prayer and simple church planting movements to be established across the campuses, cities and nations of the earth for such a time as this. Surely, we are in a new day, nothing is impossible with our God!

For those of you who are wondering when I'm taking my one year break haha, that is something I am still praying into. It will most likely be around the fall of this year after I finish my ministry assignments till summer 2008. May God's grace be mightily present upon me to finish the tasks at hand in His Spirit! Thanks for the love and support friends! We are entering into a new season of life. I'm excited! :D


At 1/08/2008 06:51:00 AM , Anonymous Wisdom Moon said...

Amazing! So awesome to see the pictures of students getting baptized.

At 1/09/2008 10:09:00 AM , Blogger Coral Lean said...

It's so amazing that God works that way ^_^

I normally took quite some times to understand what God wanted to show me in my vision... Hope that next time when I see a vision, I can interpret it asap too~

At 1/10/2008 09:39:00 PM , Blogger annie said...

It's so beautiful how you live your life fully for God. You have been one of my favorite speakers and I was so sad to have missed you at Campus Crusade for Christ. You have inspired me more than you will ever know and I pray that one day God will be able to use me as much and more as he has used you. Thank you for being my example and encouargement of God's hand among his people.
Your Sister In Christ,

At 1/10/2008 09:45:00 PM , Blogger annie said...

It is amazing and beautiful the way you have given yourself to the Lord. You have been my favorite speaker for a while now and I thank you for being an example and encouragment of God's hand among us. You have truely opened my eyes in seeing God in a new light and to have radical faith. I pray that one day I am able to be used by God as much and more than you have let God use you.
Your Sister In Christ,


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