Monday, April 21, 2008

Supernatural Outpouring of Holy Spirit in Florida!

Tomorrow my senior Pastor Che Ahn and others are heading to Lakeland, Florida. For nearly 3 weeks now what started as a 4 day conference has turned into an unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit with signs, wonders and creative miracles breaking out. Todd Bentley has been leading the daily and nightly meetings and thousands are packing the church from everywhere. Secular press has caught wind of the revival and it's spreading. In my spirit, I for sensed last night while me and a few brothers were praying at the Azusa St. Mission in downtown LA where the baptism of the Holy Spirit was poured out in 1906 to hundreds of millions worldwide, that something similar to what is happening in Florida is about about to break out in Los Angeles California, near the downtown area or somewhere in Socal...I can sense it in my spirit and feel it in my bones. Pray, fast and seek the Lord while He may be below, JMA

Revival Fever Breaks Out in Florida
In Lakeland, Fla., thousands are packing a church every night for the past two weeks looking for a taste of what could be a major spiritual outpouring.

Revival Fever Breaks Out in Florida
[04.16.08] Meeting in a converted storefront on a highway in Lakeland, Fla., thousands are packing a church every night for the past two weeks looking for a taste of what could be a major spiritual outpouring.

Pockets of the Christian community in this area and beyond are buzzing over what could be compared with the early meetings revivalist Rodney Howard-Brown held here 15 years ago at Carpenter’s Home Church two miles down the road.

With an almost palpable sense of expectation hanging in the meetings, wild stories of healings have been lighting up the blogosphere, from reports of permanent scars disappearing off bodies to tumors disintegrating in stomachs.
Word of the meetings has spread across the globe via GOD TV’s live Web stream, and will air live on the network every night this coming weekend.

If hunger, as in the outpourings in Toronto and Pensacola during the 1990s, is a characteristic of revival, then believers here appear starved. “I’m just here for the presence of the Lord,” said one young man last night.
In loud heart-crying worship, one song lyric in particular—“healing is the bread of your children”—has become an anthem of the meetings being held in Lakeland by Todd Bentley, a Canadian revivalist and founder of Fresh Fire Ministries.

The stocky tattooed minister called out various ailments and diseases for several hours last night. Clusters of the more than 1,000 feverish believers responded to his words of knowledge, and later claimed healing.

A young teenaged girl testified the lump on her neck had disappeared. A woman with osteoarthritis of the knees kicked the air and ran across the stage. Several people declared hearing for the first time out of deaf ears.

“We’re still hungry,” the crowd worshiped, “we’re receiving, there’s got to be more, got to be more, got to be more.”
One five-year-old boy named Corey, accompanied by his parents, wanted prayer for his heart, which was irregular since infancy. His mother said it beat three times faster than normal, “like a washing machine under his skin” to the touch, she said.

As Bentley prayed, the boy swayed softly, eyes closed, eventually drifting into what appeared to be a trance-like state. Several minutes later Bentley asked the boy what he was feeling, but he was unresponsive.

“Are you there? Can you hear me?” Bentley said, snapping his fingers by the boy’s ears. “Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?”

The expression on the child’s face was as if he had disappeared. A man in the congregation shouted: “He’s in heaven! He’s getting a new heart!”

Standing behind his son, the boy’s father began weeping. “I think he’s in heaven,” Bentley whispered.
When he finally opened his eyes the boy’s mother held him, cried over him, and joyfully reported to the large crowd that her son’s heartbeat was now normal. “This is the first time it doesn’t beat like that pitter patter!” she said.
The current situation in Lakeland is apparently traceable to April 3, when Todd Bentley says an angel visited him. He was in Lakeland for one of his normal itinerant conferences scheduled from April 2-6.

He said the encounter wrecked his plans. Bentley cancelled his global itinerary and extended the meetings at Stephen Strader’s Ignited Church to daily daylong events. He said the meetings would continue at least through the end of April. —Paul Steven Ghiringhelli in Lakeland, Fla.


At 4/21/2008 06:09:00 PM , Blogger Marisa Varley said...

This is totally awesome! It reminds me of Acts 2. I have been learning about the Holy Spirit, and how when it is poured out that not meant to bring salvation, but to equip for service. I am excited to see what effect this will have globally!

At 4/21/2008 10:48:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing revival in SoCal with my own eyes. Part of me says, "Praise the Lord." Another part says, "Glory to God." May we, as His children, continue to pursue Him relentlessly.

At 4/22/2008 03:16:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jaeson, I'm sure millions who reads your blog has already seen this video (super glad that's the case) but I just saw it and thought it would be something nice to share and bring to people's attention. I figure you can post this on your blog and ask for prayer from the whole family (all those who bears the sonship of Christ). Please feel free to do as you please. I trust your discernment.

P.S. God has been speaking to my heart and I am starting to see and agree with the importance of drawing close to God first and by allowing His Love transform us. I know the link above takes more than just prayer (the perfect first step) but a transformation in the hearts of people. May we, the dying generation/kind, allow God to breathe His breath of Life into each and everyone of us to restore our passion for His name and Glory; to restore justice (giving birth to rightcheousness), along with the most important thing of all, LOVE! It is my sincere hope and passion to see this breath being delievered soon to bring forth revival. I want to see His Holy Spirit sweep through every nation, great or small, and leave each individaul soaked and drenched. But even as I wait, along with the rest of His creation, may we continually be strengthened. I pray that we will be available. I pray that we will be ready. Fight on Jaeson.


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