Monday, August 14, 2006

What happened @ CTN National Leadership Gathering?

Many of you have asked what happened at the CTN National Leadership Gathering? It will take a few blogs to explain the historic encounter we had in those 3 days of gathering. One thing was, we all felt and knew we were in the midst of God and a part of revival history in the making. Below is a general summary of what we came away with from the leadership gathering in an email sent to those who were there. In the next few blogs I will post what we are launching this fall semester on college campuses across America. A vision to see ONE YEAR of PARTNERED PRAYER (YOPP) over every university and college in America 24-7 non-stop until revival breaks out in our nation once again! We will be updating our site to support this growing movement of 24-7 campus houses of prayer (CHOP) being established on every college campus. This is only the beginning of a "new awakening" in our nation.

Last semester we witnessed over 70+ major universities all across America pray 24-7 on their campuses non-stop for a whole semester. Now we are believing for ONE YEAR of 24-7 prayer to cover the whole school year (wait till you hear the prophetic story behind this YOPP vision...crazy!). Revival begins with humilty and prayer. We are only at the beginning point, but the point is about to TIP and we will see the fullness of God's glory invade our nations educational institutions once again.

A year ago I posted the key will be "24-7 CHOP + Campus Church Planting" It is now happening before our eyes. Students are praying non-stop and students are realizing they are not just "fellowship Christians" but missionaries on campus called to win souls, make disciples and plant simple churches among the lost. Let us pray, prepare and be ready for action. Prayer leads to action. May another student missionary movement begin. Students who pray like it all depends on God & live like it all depends on them. Pray for revival, pray for the ending of abortion, pray for justice in the nations, & seek to save the lost. The harvest is plentiful, therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into the college campuses of our nation now...once again! Luke 10:2b

Dear CTN Leaders,

Praise God! This past weekends CTN National Leadership Gathering was definitely a historic gathering. Only God could have orchestrated the chain of divine events and encounters. As a CTN leadership team we want to thank you for participating and being a part of college revival history. As we move forward from this weekends gathering let us press on to be obedient to the prophetic word & heavenly vision released by the Holy Spirit to us as a community. It was awesome to worship and be envisioned together with other student leaders who had the same passion for campus revival! Also, as CTN grows as a spiritual family & network of campus transformation agents we need to together this summer prepare for the coming school year through prayer & fasting both individually and corporately. It is imperative that we seek God’s face in order to hear His voice clearly at this moment of divine invitation over our nation’s colleges.

Let us pray and plan into the prophetic word and apostolic vision released during the CTN National Leadership Gathering…

1. Year Of Partnered Prayer (YOPP) – Through a divine prophetic encounter during the leadership gathering we believe God together for one year of unbroken 24-7 prayer over the universities of America. Please begin to pray into how your campus and other college campuses can be mobilized to adopt a week, month or more in 24-7 prayer to cover this nations universities in revival prayer.

2. Campus Transformation Network Vision – Neil Cole received a clear apostolic/prophetic vision on Sunday night for CTN as a movement. Pray over the following points below and let us move forward together as Joel’s army.

Here is what I expect to see in the next couple years… (Neil Cole)

• New songs will be written that express the heart and voice unique to this movement. A book of songs will be published in the next year and a half. Prophets and teachers will write the bulk of the songs. Songs will be free to the masses and passed electronically spreading the heart and voice of this unique movement without boundaries…freely you received and freely you will give.

• A magazine (printed, electronic or both) will be published and it will carry the stories of what God is doing and also the apostolic/prophetic voice of the movement.

• A national conference will meet every year and double each time in size for the next ten years. It will meet in different campuses around the country. Each campus where they meet will see breakthroughs so the conference will be sought by many. The Spirit will tell you each year where you are to meet.

• All these works will be easy because the Spirit will hand select those who are to do the work and these people will have been waiting their whole life for the opportunity.

• This movement will not form a single organization or denomination, but many, all carrying the same DNA and all working together in interdependence… blessing one another, never in competition, always in unity.

• Old wineskin ministries will be blessed by this movement but will not carry the movement.

• This movement will be marked by transformed lives and will grow from new life coming from the harvest.

• Prayer will continue before the throne of God 24/7 in the same spirit of the Moravians.

• A new missionary movement will be birthed sending many missionaries out, but this will be a true Student “Volunteer” Movement, in that these missionaries will be sent into the various domains of society to work there and be the Daniels, Sharachs’ Meshac’s and Abednegos of our world. They will work for the Lord of the harvest and they will get their support from him through their work…a laborer is worthy of his wage. These missionaries will not do their work for money but for Jesus.

• This movement is not about the campuses, it will start there but it will not stop there. This move of God will not just touch the campuses of our world, but bring the blessing of God’s kingdom and His command to all the domains of society. New creative arts will emerge glorifying God, new discoveries in technology and medicine will come from the people of God. There will not just be a rise in spirituality but in understanding and in wisdom of our entire society because of what God is birthing here.

• Millions of lives will be saved in seen and unseen ways by the people of this movement. Terrorists will be saved before destruction is afflicted, diseases will be healed and also cured, wars will be ended, abortion will eventually end because the hearts of fathers and mothers will return to their children…this is a movement of doves and peacemakers.

• The first breakouts besides UCLA, USC, U of T, and Yale will be seen at CSULB, UCSD, ASU, OSU, Florida State, Princeton, CAL,…and Harvard. Within a few years every campus will be effected by this movement.

• The enemy will not know what to do with you. Your only head will be Jesus, your only desire will be Jesus, your only provider will be Jesus. When the enemy strikes it will multiply the advance for the Kingdom. This new generation of Kingdom agents will show the church and the world what it means to be willing to die for Christ. Satan, out of sheer frustration over what to do, and just because of his own nature, will start killing students, this will only fan the flame to greater heights.

As a CTN community we are on mission together to see the Great Commandment and Great Commission fulfilled in our generation. Many of you expressed the desire to continue to network together to support one another in the three areas of campus transformation: connecting leaders, mobilizing prayer and planting simple churches. Attached is the contact information of every student & staff leader present at this years CTN National Leadership Gathering. We encourage each of you to stay in touch and support one another through prayer, sharing testimonies and hanging out with one another when possible.

Lastly, the mp3 recordings for each main session will be available for download at soon so be sure to check the site! Also, DVD’s of the training sessions will also be available once edited and created.

If you are looking for more ministry resources from the speakers at the gathering check out…

Neil Cole (
George Otis Jr. (
Lou Engle (
Wendy Andrews (
Jeremy Story (
Jaeson Ma (

We are encouraged and excited for what God has in store for this movement of campus transformation. Please pray and keep open your summer dates as we seek God for next years CTN National Leadership Gathering. Keep praying, spread the vision for transformation and let us reclaim the college campuses of our nation back to God!


CTN National Leadership Team


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