Saturday, November 08, 2008

Apostolic Mission to Hong Kong Media & Entertainment

Dear Prayer Team,

In a few hours I will be leaving on a flight to Hong Kong. For the last 4 years the Holy Spirit has led me and others to help pioneer a work of campus revival in that great city. We have seen a mighty move of His Spirit touching the lives of countless young people in Hong Kong. God moved from campus to campus from 2004-2007, spurring students on to seek one thing in Jesus, to pray and fast for campus & citywide revival, to share the Gospel in the supernatural power of the Spirit and receive a mighty vision to bring the Gospel from East Asia back to Jerusalem.

As many of you know, our passion and vision is "Every campus, Every City, Every Nation for Christ." If we can reach the campus today, we can change the world tomorrow. Transformation starts on the campus, but it doesn't end there. In the past year the Holy Spirit has been silently and strategically transitioning and leading me to take the Gospel from the campus into society, specifically the media and entertainment field in Hollywood and Asia. I always believed the greatest tool we have at our disposal to reach the next generation for Christ is MEDIA. As they say, "As Hollywood goes, so goes the world!" Media has been used by Satan to poison and transform the minds, beliefs, values and philosophy of this current MTV generation. Yet, I am believing God that in this destined moment in history, in this time of great global shifts, economic turmoil, political struggles and a world at war that God is putting a cry in the heart of young people every where to make a difference and to be set apart in holiness. This is not an MTV generation, it never was and it will never be, it is a Jesus generation that will not just talk Jesus, but walk Jesus in every continent of the earth.

In the last months, nearly every week I have seen lost souls in the media and entertainment world repent and return radically to our Lord Jesus Christ. It has not been by accident, but has been happening for such a time as this. I started a simple church network in Hollywood nearly 6 months ago and we have seen lives changed, hearts turn to Jesus, new disciples being baptized continually and a light shine out of the darkness. I'm believing for "HOLY-wood" not "Holywood." At the same time, in the last months doors have flung open in Asia and many from the media and entertainment world have been encountering the love of God in a fresh new way. I asked the Lord "Why so many, so quickly and at this moment?" The Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart that He is sovereignly bridging the East and West for a massive harvest that will awaken all of North America and Asia for the greatest revival in these end days. I am humbled, I am praying, but I am prepared.

Hong Kong Mission: Bella the Movie
This week in Hong Kong Nov 10-18 I and our team will need your daily prayers and fervent intercessions for protection and God's purpose to be accomplished. Our mission team, myself, Carl, Jin, Peter Gent, Eduardo Verastegui and our local leaders in Hong Kong will be campaigning for the release of the movie Bella in Hong Kong, China. This movie as you know has impacted lives all over America with the message of LIFE. Many babies have not been aborted after young women have watched this movie. God has opened a door of mercy to Hong Kong to be saved as Hong Kong is the number one industrialized city for the number of abortions, literally 1 out of 3 babies in HK are aborted each year. We are praying that this movie will be watched by every family in Hong Kong and Asia so their hearts will be convicted, touched and changed so that they will consider keeping the destined lives in their wombs and others would rise up to adopt many unwanted children, who are completely desired and wanted by our Father in heaven. Eduardo the lead actor in Bella and myself will be going from church to church and holding press conferences to promote this beautiful film all over HK during the next 10 days.

The movie gala premiere will be Nov 10th evening. That night MC JIN and myself will perform a new song we recorded called "THANK YOU" which tells the story and message of being thankful for the precious life that has been given to us by God. Pray that this song goes all over every radio station in Hong Kong to inspire and change hearts in youth and old alike.

Hong Kong Mission: Media & Entertainment Artist Outreach
On November 16th we will be holding an Gospel outreach to a few hundred artists in the Hong Kong media/entertainment industry. The story behind how this opportunity has come about is a God story in itself. By His grace, we will be able to share personal testimonies and a clear Gospel message to those who are coming to seek and know God more. It is my prayer, that the many who come would encounter the undeniable presence of the Holy Spirit and receive a powerful revelation of Jesus Christ' unconditional love for them. Please pray that every actor, actress, director, producer, and every person in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong would come to know the love of Jesus Christ. Please pray the HK film industry which is the Hollywood of East Asia will be transformed with God's glory from the inside out and bring worship to our Father in heaven. Pray that God would raise up another Golden Era of film making in Hong Kong once again, but this time not for it's own glory but for the glory of God producing media, music, film and entertainment that would inspire and change the billions in Asia and around the world with Truth and Light!

In between these mission assignments, I will be challenging and praying with out university student leaders to get behind mobilizing young people all over HK to watch Bella, pray for the ending of abortion and to believe God for their campuses, their city and their nation to be transformed w/ the teachings of Jesus Christ, specifically through media. We will also be holding a Vision and Sharing night for our ministry Campus Church Networks on Dec 12th so we pray that God would bring forth His faithful and obedient servants to partner with this growing ministry and movement around the world to reach every campus, city and nation for Christ.

Prayer Focus:

  • Daily pray for our team members protection from the evil one (Carl, Jin, Peter, Lois, Cindy, Gary and others) & that we would stay close to Jesus and one another
  • For great favor with the Bella movie campaign to gain secular and mass media coverage all over Hong Kong and the Church
  • Pray for many souls to be saved and disciples to be made in the HK media and entertainment industry
  • Pray for great doors for the Gospel to be preached to strategic people God has chosen to use
  • Continually pray for the Hong Kong Universities and campuses to rise up, contend for revival and spread the message of LIFE
  • Pray that God would grant us grace to find strategic partners to support CCN on Nov 12th Vision and Sharing Night
  • For signs, wonders and miracles to break out all over the city of Hong Kong and the entire entertainment industry to be shaken with the power of God & transformed for His purposes, that doors would stay open and His Church would be established in this mission field of media, the greater Church to continually unite and for a new generation to be raised up for God's mission in HK and Asia
  • Pray for the Asia media and entertainment industries and all those in it to TURN TO GOD and FIND JESUS CHRIST!
Also, in early Dec 2-6 our team will be heading to Seoul Korea, to share the Gospel with a few thousand artists in media and entertainment there. Start praying now, because there have been many celebrity suicides in just the last months and we are asking God to turn Korea's entertainment industry from falsehood, to truth, from rejection to acceptance, from lies to LOVE. God is shifting and shaking at this moment and we must be PREPARED IN PRAYER. No Prayer, No Power, Much Prayer, Much Power. Let us PRAY!

Personal Transition:
As some of you know, I will share more later. But in October I have begun a 1 year sabbatical from campus church ministry in order to focus on media and entertainment, but most importantly my own personal devotion to Jesus. I will not be speaking at campus or church revival conferences for the next year in order to spend more time daily with God, my family and friends and making disciples in the media/entertainment mission field. God has graciously raised up new international and national leadership for Campus Church Networks during my time of rest. I will send out another email soon about this leadership transition.

All in all, I am feeling ALIVE in my heart and soul again. I'm so excited to spend more time at home developing my love for Jesus daily. I am equally excited that I am able to pursue my child hood passions of making music, doing acting and being able to creatively preach the Gospel through media and entertainment. I feel at home, at one with God and myself and feeling every day that the best is yet to come...I was born for this moment. It's a great feeling!

I will continually need your prayers. Please pray I personally stay humble, abide daily in the Vine of His presence, am kept from temptation and evil and stay faithful to the call of preaching the Gospel to all nations in this generation!

Under the mercy,


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At 11/08/2008 09:22:00 PM , Blogger Grace said...


will be praying for you as you labor in this 'new field' that the Lord has given you. Go and turn the world upside down, bro!! =)

Btw, last week Vanness was in Franklin Graham's Taipei crusade. He did a good job...=) just want to tell you that!

Another thing, have you ever heard of Wang Lee Hom? I am not sure if Vanness knows him, but he's also pretty big here in Asia.. He's an ABC and also a singer, based in Taiwan. His market comprised all of East and South east Asia... Just a thought, it would be great if somehow God connected you with him.. =)

Praying for you!


At 11/09/2008 12:44:00 AM , Blogger Ruby said...

I don't really know english...
But I just want to know how did I do so I can buy your CD?

At 11/09/2008 06:56:00 AM , Blogger grace said...


Nice to hear that u hv a good rest & restore the relationship w/ our dearest God~

God must pour the NEW wine to yr new bag..Wish u hv an awesome trip & see HIS glory in HK ^.^

luv u~

At 11/09/2008 01:07:00 PM , Blogger Liza said...

Hi Jaeson, I was deeply moved to read this. God is obviously has a major plan in using you for the media and entertainment industry.

I watched Bella, and the movie has changed my perspective as a young woman about abortion in so many ways. I pray and believe it would be a great blessing too for young people in HK.

Regarding point no.2 in the prayer focus, I wonder if you have heard about Im sure the site could help with the media coverage, since MC Jin is already apart of their online community. I pray this could open more doors to bigger HK secular media scenes.

I'll be praying for you and team, keep humble and Godspeed!


At 11/09/2008 06:03:00 PM , Blogger starkat said...

hi jaeson,
my name is tayen and i'm a missionary and illustrator. i live in seoul korea right now and i'm from l.a. a disciple of mine gave me the link to your blog and i praise the Lord! my ministry, campus crusade for Christ, is pioneering a new global movement for artists right now. it's the vision God gave me 7 years ago and has been preparing me for all this time.

i thought i'd touch base to see how God might move through us... seeing as how you're coming here in dec. please feel free to email me

At 11/12/2008 09:00:00 PM , Blogger patricia said...

Hi Ps. Jaeson

I was moved when reading this post. It reminded again of how Media has such a great power if it is handled by the right hands and hearts for God.

Yes. It's time for God's Media Empire!

Let's work on it and build it with His strength, power, and wisdom to see His glory and His Kingdom come over the earth. Amen!

Support you in prayer,

At 11/30/2008 05:53:00 AM , Blogger Some1 said...

wadda suprise....


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