Tuesday, January 27, 2004

God give me wisdom in what to choose...
so many things to do, not enuf time to do it.
Feb-March is going to be by God's grace
manageable... ><>

*hong kong feb 2-8
*senior project
*senior papers
*reading & h/w
*youth center
*Indy High Prayer
*Campus Church Network
*9-6pm full time job
*speaking engagements
*TV shoots

too much. too too much.
Lord give me wisdom in
what I should do & what
I shouldn't do. Close doors
and keep open others. Give
me strength to do what I'm
called to, give me strength
to say no to what I'm not.
guide me in all things as
I trust in You and not lean
on my own understanding.
most of all, hide me in the
secret place as i wait upon
You draw me into intimacy
amen. amen. amen. =P


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