Saturday, January 17, 2004

God is good! Really, He never ceases to amaze me. I'm still here in
Texas and oh was another incredible day. When we
got off the airplane on wed afternoon we stopped to pray for the trip.
I prayed and declared that God would bring us TWO unexpected contacts
& meetings by the end of the business trip. Well, God came through
as always.

While we were with the two prophets driving to pray for the first two corps..
one said, "you know you should call 7-11 corp to get your security system
in their stores, their corp headquarters is in Dallas!" So I called to get
their corporate office number, called the receptionist, asked for the senior
buyer in charge of new products to serve 7-11 stores, she told me
i had to first fill out an application, I told her I'm here visiting in TX can
I just talk to the buyer, so she gives me his direct LINE!!!!!

so i call. He picks up! I tell him about our product briefly and he says
i can drop off the product, but we can't meet cause he is too busy.
But, I insist to meet requesting only for 5 min of his time and he says
please don't push me! Well, today we went to the corporate office
to "push him" by God's grace (story of the persistent widow?) so
we go to the mega building complex and we tell the receptionist
to ask him to come out but its his answering machine..well i'm deciding
to leave and she gets a call saying he's coming out only for 5 min!!!
well make a long story short he came out, we told him about our
product and before he left i said thank you for your time and bless you!
He says, "thanks for the blessing i remember you saying that on
the phone" He then tells me he is a christian and that opened the
door for me to tell him the purpose of our company and product is
for youth missions...HE WAS AMAZED ...God's favor came down and
he we prayed together right there in the lobby. He totally embraced
our product and we are now talking ...only God only God...

then the other pastor gave me the name of the largest home developer
in Texas..CENTAX which is a hundred million possibly billion dollar company
developing new homes..which would be a perfect fit for our companies
product..well i prayed, left a message to the sr. buyer thurs late afternoon
and she CALLED ME BACK THIS MORNING!!!! she was totally interested in
our digital solution and we will have a demonstration meeting most likely
in a few meetings...hrm..two unexpected contacts/ meetings..God totally
answered our prayer and prophetic declaration..all for His glory !!!!

so many other perfect little things happened today and on this "business trip"
for God! ;oD tonight was insane..just got back from a friends house and ..
God gave me a blessed word through a visiting prophetess ..totally confirmed
everything two other prophets prophesied over me this week and last week.
hrm...God has led me to encounter these oracles for some reason ...His grace
2004 is a year of foundation, faithfulness and new beginnings. yes yes yes
indeed!!!! Father pour out your latter rain, new fire, new revelation. it is time
for revolution. amen


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