Sunday, February 22, 2004

These last two weeks have gone by so fast with so much.
I guess you can say alot of new things and good things
have transpired. At the same time I'm feeling a mixed bag
of emotions.

God has let me experience restoration with an old friend,
somehow made new again. He restored a friendship I
never really thought could be mended. I never would have
thought or planned the timing would be now, but somehow
when all you want is God's will, friendships just become
easier. I'm still in a daze (things seem surreal yet real) and
the miracle of our friendship hasn't quite kicked in yet, but
all i know is that I am at peace. Of course there are things
that need to be worked out, but I trust that God will guide
each and every step. Reconciliation and restoration are two
beautiful things. A friend that sticks closer than a brother
is just as much beautiful. Somehow I always had this
"knowing" things would be beautiful again. I guess with God
things can always be made beautiful again. Isn't He wonderful?
He is the "Matchmaker" in heaven plotting, planning and bringing
all things into existence. Without Him, nothing is possible. With
Him even pain can be turned into comfort and a new beginning.

As I am elating with joy and smiles from this friendship restored,
I am also burdened with urgency and excitement of what is
about to happen this Wed in theaters.

The Passion of the Christ. Who would have thought I would I have
the privilege of being part of a third Great Awakening in America?
I have been praying for this movie almost daily the last 9 months
because the Holy Spirit was showing me the magintude and
importance of this film in this generation. Something crazy is about
to happen & its so big I don't know what to do but pray and do my
part to invite as many seekers I know to this film.

Jesus said, "And if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto myself."
The Church in America finally got it on this one! We finally are coming
to an understanding of Jesus last prayer ....

"Father that they may be One, just as we are One."

Churches and ministries all over the USA are coming together under one
vision "JESUS" to evangelize the seeking, dying and lost. The result?
Churches are buying out theaters, buying 20,000-60,000 and I just heard
this week 100,000 tickets in advance to invite the world to see The Passion
of Jesus Christ. Fandango's online ticket sales last week 49% were pre-sales
for The Passion. This movie is the talk of almost every secular media show,
newspaper, magazine, etc. The Governement, the Media, Hollywood and the
World is watching, curious, and in wonder because Jesus is being LIFTED UP!

It's like the Lord of The Rings, when finally all the kingdoms of the allies unite
together as one, then and only then in their UNITY they are able to defeat
the forces of darkness. What's happening with this movie is exactly that. Christ
followers are uniting together as ONE MAN to show the world the power
and authority of Jesus Christ. The church is now a force to be reckon with, this
country will never be the same, Hollywood will never be the same, everyone
will have to come and face the Love of the Christ.

Why would an extreme suffering and violent depiction of Christ be released in
this generation? Because we are in a desparate and extreme time. This generation's
very DNA has been built to witness and experience the EXTREME, the maximum.
We've had extreme wickedness, sin, idolatry, materialism and liberalism. We have
in its correct meaning. We have loved ourselves, our cars, sacrifced our souls for
material wealth and gain, lusted for Hollywood's definition of passion, & because
of this been left in bottomless vacuum of dissatisfaction. This generation
is crying out desparately for Love, for a purpose, for something worthy dying for.

This movie is going to be a signpost, an awakening, a turning point, an instuting of
God's burning PASSION to this generation. I prophesy this film will be the breaking
point to destroy and change all ungodly cultural mindsets of what it truly means
to know and love Christ. The same way the Beatles changed, influenced and killed an entire
generation in the 60's, the same way this film will change, influence and resurrect a dying
generation. Let it be the MARK and defining BANNER of this generation. That
we are not Gen X, or GEN Y, we are a Generation of Passion ready to live and die
for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because He died for us.

I see teenagers watching this film not knowing what to expect and going back
to their schools burining with the fire of God in their hearts and in their eyes.
I see them preaching with an unexplainable, invincible, relentless passion to
students in the middle of the quad. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE PASSION
SINS! Let there be chaos in the camp of Satan! Let the freedom bells ring and
let the Jesus Revolution arise, a might army is about to be released and the
enemy is trembling with fear. We must remain in humility and in passionate
prayer for this film, we must do all we can to make sure all see and hear
the Passion of the Christ.


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