Saturday, January 31, 2004

umm...I have a BIG prayer request.
I will be going to Hong Kong/China
Feb 2-8 to mobilize for The Call China.

Originally, I was suppose to go with Pastor Che Ahn
as his sidekick. Well, I just found out two days
ago because of an emergency he can't make it! he is sending me to Hong Kong
by myself, to represent him to all the leaders and
churches in Hong Kong. So yeah, I'm thinking hmmm..
this isn't good, they are expecting pastor che but
they get a 23 year old representative =P

Anyways, I know I shouldn't look down upon myself
because I am young (Timothy) but just feeling mixed
emotions right now. Please, pray as I meet/network with church
leaders and speak at churches that God gives me humility,
wisdom, faith, revelation, His power and anointing to
accomplish that which He has called me to do there. I
really have no clue, so may the Lord's will be done.

My prayer is that God can use me however He chooses
to bring the body of Christ together in HK to pray & fast
so that a youth revolution may spark in China. The future
young people of China will be at the forefront of changing
the worlds culture in the next 10 years, may they be agents
of change for CHRIST to effect the nations. May a great army
of youth be raised up from Hong Kong/China to reach every
unreached people group in all of ASIA and beyond!

(especially pray God gives me a word to break mindsets, bondages
among Hong Kong's youth who have been entrenched in materialism,
generational curses, witchcraft, drugs etc) I will also be praying and
witnessing to many of my relatives in HK who r not saved & deeply
involved in Bhuddism & Occultism.

praying for China,

ezekial 37:10
"So I prophesied as He commanded me, and breath came into them, and they lived,
and stood upon their feet, and exceedingly great army."

As I think back now though..4 years ago I went on my
first missions trip to Hong Kong/China. I woke up early
every morning and got on the roof top of the Bible school
we were sleeping at in HK and cried out for God to revive
the youth of HK/China..maybe this is an opportunity from
the seeds sown in prayer for God to use me to challenge,
inspire and set ablaze the youths hearts with fire when I go there?
I dunno. But please do keep me in prayer so that I won't make
a complete fool of myself..but then again i guess i already am
a fool for Christ! HALELUJAH!! pray the Holy Spirit helps me with my CANTONESE!!!


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