Monday, February 13, 2006

UCLA- DAY 23 in 40 Days of Prayer for revival

DAY 23 in 40 Days of Prayer for revival
First of all, so many of you have recently asked me to add your friends to the daily 40 days revival report so instead, at this point, it is posted daily for all/any to read at – feel free to forward this link to any who have been or will be in prayer rooms—it will fire them up to keep praying for their own and other campuses.

Now, for the fun stuff!! The UCLA prayer room was spectacular—and one of the cutest/funniest things (and a first for a prayer room that I remember) is that each banner (revival prayer, prayer wall, communion, confession) was in Bruin blue and gold! I love itJ! But, oh man, the power of God was “all over that place.” In fact, the most “fired up” moment for me was when Jaeson Ma, one of the campus ministers at UCLA, prayed over the map of UCLA. As He was praying, he realized that the campus perimeter was in the shape of heart! He began to pray for the campus to have Burning Hearts…mentioning the “well that had been dug” by the 1947 Burning Heart Fellowship (of Mears, Halverson, Bright and Evans) for/on that very campus that birthed nationwide revival on campuses by 1949-50. I kid you not, within a few minutes—I honestly can’t remember how or what occurred—but the few candles on the fireplace mantle directly below the map increased their reach up and started the map on fire. In a panic-humor-“uh oh” moment, a few people quickly blew the fire out—but we ALL just were strangely shocked on how that happened. Then I laughed out loud and shouted, “Jaeson, you prayed for that—burning hearts on UCLA campus!!!” I left shortly thereafter and heard the next day that 50-60 kids streamed into the room around 11 and stayed until 3 pm just crying out for revival! Wow!! There was an answer to our prayer—and immediate outpouring of the Holy Spirit for that campus!


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