Sunday, August 20, 2006

YOPP: What is it?

Year Of Partnered Prayer

YOPP: A year of 24-7 prayer at U.S. Universities & Colleges

During the Spring of 2006, nearly 70 different colleges and universities throughout the USA participated in an unbroken semester of 24-7 prayer! From Wellesley College in Boston and Lubbock Christian University in Texas, to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and the University of California-Berkeley, students nationwide stepped into an experience with God in prayer that accumulated into something unprecedented in our history!

In July of 2006, 75 university student leaders gathered together at the University of California-San Diego for a conference, called the CTN (Campus Transformation Network) Gathering. Leaders from Campus Church Network, Campus Renewal Ministries, and 24-7 Prayer USA facilitated this gathering, and God met us in a unique and powerful way – specifically about this coming year.

The Lord spoke through a Dr. Seuss book called Horton Hears a Who concerning His desire for a Year of Partnered Prayer on campuses in the United States, starting this Fall semester. In the book, Horton – an elephant – convinces a miniscule town of people called the Whos that they all must join their voices together and cry out, so that they be saved from destruction by some devilish kangaroos. The Whos come together and they let out their cries, but it’s not quite enough…they realize that there must be a Who who’s shirking his duty, who’s not joining his voice in with the others! They find a silent, small, seemingly insignificant Who, they exhort him to come to the aid of his country, and he lets out a “YOPP!” that puts it all over the edge! The Whos are saved, and each Who finds that no matter how small he is, he counts.

To the global 24-7 Prayer movement, a YOPP is a Year of Partnered Prayer. In a YOPP, different communities are linked together, each doing a short season of 24-7 prayer, to cover the entire year in prayer. At this CTN Gathering, God clearly called university students across this nation to join our voices together, in the collective form of a Year of Partnered Prayer on campuses! From August 2006 through May 2007, you are invited to bring students at your school into this cooperative cry out to God.

From our positions as sons and daughters of the Father, God is commissioning us to keep watch over our universities, to call for the Kingdom of God to be advanced and for revival to come – and He’s highlighting 24-7 prayer as a first step in this. Through us, and starting in the place of intensified prayer, God wants to re-claim and redeem every university in the USA.

Do you believe that God will awaken the hearts of university students, faculty, and staff across this nation to a revelation of Jesus Christ? Do you believe that God’s will is to revive and transform every campus in the U.S.? Step into these questions in prayer, and see what He says to you. We believe the answer is a resounding “YES!”, and that He wants to use little people like us in great and mighty ways to do just that! Let’s start in prayer. Join the YOPP!

Check out to read about this global movement of 24-7 prayer, and visit to sign your school up to participate in the YOPP! For more information on the question of “How?”, read the following document: “YOPP: How do we get involved?”


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