Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bella 10 - Buy Bella DVD!

What would you do if you knew you had a film that could not only change but save lives?

Bella, 2007's winner of the Toronto Film Festival's People's Choice Award, has done just this, receiving 13 direct accounts of mothers who were planning to abort their children changing their minds after watching the film. We know if we had a film that could save lives we would get it in as many hands as possible. With the Bella soon available on DVD, that dream can come true.

The Bella 10 Campaign was started to spread Bella's life saving power by challenging people to pre-buy the DVD and find 10 people who will also pre-buy the DVD and find their own 10 to do the same. This campaign starts and ends with the people. It doesn't move unless you move!

How can you help? Just join the movement in 3 easy steps:
1. Pre-Buy DVD
Click here to buy the Bella DVD
You can also buy the DVD in bulk (28 minimum order). Click here to buy in bulk

Note: please browse "Juno" before buying Bella because this could cause Amazon to recommend Bella to all Juno customers.

2. Recruit 10
Get 10 people to buy the dvd.

Click here to view the Promotional Plan for recruiting your 10.
Click here to print the Promotional Plan.

3. Mobilize
Pay it forward!
Get the 10 you found to find their own 10 who will repeat these 3 steps.

Send this website to your entire database and promote it online. (view promo plan)

Click here to view more ways you can make a positive impact by promoting Bella.
Click here to get ongoing updates from the Bella team and to enroll to win a Private Screening with the filmmakers.

We deeply appreciate all you have done.

The Bella Team
Love is a Movement - Find Your 10

Because of your help Bella was the #1 rated film of 2007 by the users of the biggest film review website in the world, Rotten with a 96.5 rating. Bella was also #1 while in theaters by users of Yahoo!, Fandango and NY Times Readers Poll. Now we are trying to become the #1 most pre-ordered DVD on Amazon so Bella make a bigger impact in peoples lives.


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