Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cal State Long Beach- Revival Report

A praise report of what God is doing at Cal State Long Beach from our student leader Karla...amen Lord send revival fire!!!!!!

Hey Jaeson,
guess what.

today we were having public worship/prayer in the middle
of CSULB and God doubled our numbers from last week.
Our circle just kept getting bigger and bigger, we had to
keep spreading out in the field...people kept walking up,
seeing what was happening...some stayed for a song or two
and left..some stayed and prayed w/us.
But I could feel God's presence SO THICK..it was
amazing. He kept bringing me to my knees..i couldnt even
stand, His presence was so strong.
God kept bringing up Bible passages to my mind and we
prayed each of the scriptures..at the top of our
voices..and tim led worship...some christian students I'd
never met before came and prayed the whole time with
us..and all said they would return tomorrow.
God is really at work!!! we have devoted our lunch hour
each day to public worship and prayer.

I kept feeling like i should pray for people around us and
went and prayed w/some girls sitting nearby...and then
there was this tiny asian woman doing aerobics like right
behind us.
and i heard God say, 'go talk to her'. but i was like,
God, no, I don't want to interrupt her aerobics...but i
went over to her..and was like..umm..do you want to join
us? we're worshipping Jesus. and she was like, I know! I'm
a christian. and she said that she's seen us out there
each day, and has been praying for us. and she works in
the library and told us to come pray with her in the
library. so i asked if she knew any other christian
workers/staff on campus and she gave me their contact
Whoa, God totaly orchestrated that!!

then, steven and another guy felt like they should just
talk to people at random tables on campus, and ended up
praying with alot of students..and right as they were
about to go home, God told them to talk to one more guy,
and they ended up praying w/him and leading him to
Last week, when we went out evangelizing, another guy
accepted Christ, so now we have two people to have organic
church with. Its so amazing how God is just bringing this
all together. i had so many questions before about campus
churches, but now its just like spontaneously happening
before our eyes...God is just doing all the work. I'm just
so excited to be a part of this.
ok, one more praise report:

I had been wanting to advertise the 24 hour prayer time
coming up at long beach..and didn't know how to get more
word out about it...and God gave me a picture last night
of me writing a letter and putting it in mailboxes. but i
didn't know how the heck i should go about doing that.
and last week at my church, a woman prayed over me and
told me to announce the 24 prayer at the sororities on
campus. but i didn't know how i could get in contact w/the
sorority leaders, ect...
and today i went to the student union and stood outside
the sorority office 'headquarters' room...and was like
standing there biting my nails, not wanting to go in
there...i can't stand sororities...
and this girl walked up who had been at our prayer time
and i asked her what i should do...and she said, that the
most effective way to tell the sororities/clubs on campus,
would be to write a LETTER and put it in each of their
mailboxes, or give the letters to the mainheadquarters
SO that was a confirmation....so i'm gonna get cracking on
the letter and make a ton of copies to put in mailboxes on
campus tomorrow. hehe. Its so awesome how God just keeps
telling us the next step..when I don't know what to do..He
reveals it in a different way. i love it.

i just wanted to share these praise reports.
thank you for your prayers.



At 2/14/2006 06:40:00 PM , Blogger campustransform said...

Praise God! Thanx for praying for us at CSULB, Pastor Jae!


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