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24-7 Campus Houses Of Prayer (CHOP Instructions)

24/7 Campus House of Prayer Student Rep Responsibilities
Instruction Sheet

Dear 24/7 CHOP Student Rep,

We are encouraged and thankful that you are involved in a nationwide effort to establish 24/7 prayer rooms on every college campus and university in our nation. This semester, scores of college campuses across the nation are taking up a day, week, or even a month of 24/7, non-stop prayer by establishing 24/7 prayer rooms on their campus, to pray for a nationwide college revival awakening. You are a part of making history, and we are honored to partner with you to support the prayer movement on your campus.

Below is a simple instruction sheet on your responsibilities in getting a 24/7 Campus House of Prayer started on your campus. 24-7 Prayer USA, in partnership with Campus Transformation Network, is mobilizing student leaders like yourself all across the nation this semester, to see campus houses of prayer started and continually burning! Here are step by step instructions on how to get a 24/7 Campus House of Prayer initiative started...

1. Sign up your campus on

a. Visit our nationwide website, and sign up your campus on our online calendar. Let us know how many days of 24/7 prayer your campus will take up, and on which specific dates. The process is very easy.

> Go to:
> Click on “Click here to sign up your campus…” and follow the online, step-by-step instructions to register your campus to pray 24/7

2. Mobilize other students and campus ministries to sign up for 24/7 prayer

a. Begin mobilization of prayer by calling other students, campus staff and faculty Christians to sign up for prayer shifts in the 24/7 campus prayer room.

b. The key is to communicate the vision for “unity and prayer” within the Body of Christ – that we would simply forge together in concerted prayer, asking God for revival and His purposes on your campus and in this nation.

c. A few creative ideas for student mobilization:

> Start praying together with others who have a heart for a 24/7 campus house of prayer

> Call a vision-casting meeting, inviting other student leaders and campus staff workers to hear about the 24/7 campus house of prayer vision and purpose

> Challenge other students to mobilize their friends to take a 1-2 hour shift in the prayer room

> Meet with all the campus staff workers and student leaders of different fellowships/local churches to share with them the idea and ask for their help and support of the 24/7 campus prayer room initiative

> Ask different campus fellowships/local churches if you can share the 24/7 campus house of prayer vision at their student large group meetings, to challenge students in their fellowships to sign up and take prayer shifts. Ask them also to make an announcement to their students and send out a follow up email with a link to your campus sign up page (you will be able to create your own online sign-up page through

> Make sure you have a “good flyer” that can be passed out, as well as a sign-up sheet (for those interested in participating) at all these meetings. A good flyer will include a brief vision/purpose statement, website link to where they can sign up for their prayer shift, when and where the 24/7 campus house of prayer room will be held, etc.

3. Preparing a 24/7 Campus House of Prayer Initiative

a. Pray with others. It is imperative that you bath this initiative in prayer, not only that you pray during your scheduled 24/7 day, week or months. Begin praying before your 24-7 prayer room even happens – pray on a regular basis with other student/staff leaders who have a heart for the vision of prayer. We would suggest at least once a week.

b. Preparing the 24/7 prayer room: You will need to secure a room or a place for the 24/7 prayer to happen. Additionally, find a team of creative/artistic types to decorate and create the 24/7 prayer room environment - 24/7 prayer rooms have unique designs and décor that allow for a diverse expression of prayer and worship! A few ideas…

> Secure a room/place on or near campus where you can hold the 24/7 prayer initiative ASAP
> Once you have the place locked in, begin recruiting student volunteers who can follow through on the logistics of the room
> Have one team for administration purposes. This team will make sure that a sign-up web page is created through, and that all the logistics for the prayer room are being handled.
> Then, recruit a “set up” team who will actually arrange and decorate the 24/7prayer room, prior to the actual prayer initiative.
> Room Décor: Many different 24/7 prayer rooms have been designed and decorated in different ways. Commonly, campus prayer rooms have different “prayer focuses” decorated on the walls, from praying for the “world” (world map), “revival on campus” (campus map), “confession/repentance stations”, “communion table”, etc. The key is to decorate in order to facilitate and foster an environment that would be conducive for prayer.

4. Send out FOCUS 24/7 Campus House of Prayer - Prayer Points

a. We ask that all student reps share the vision that your campus is part of a nationwide call for non-stop 24/7 prayer on university campuses in America all semester long.

b. It’s important that your campus understands it is praying along side of a nationwide college prayer movement! Make sure to include the following major prayer points on your flyers, website, and in your 24/7 prayer room, and in all your communication materials. Students and campuses all across the nation are praying together - in different 24/7 campus prayer rooms – for these same things:

2 Chronicles 7:14
> Pray for repentance & cleansing of sins in our generation
> Pray for unity among the Body of Christ on every college campus
> Pray for a turning away from wickedness and turning back to God across colleges in our nation
> Pray for a revival to come to every college campus, for hearts to be awakened and for every lost student to be saved

c. Be sure to also add your own “local prayer points” that are specific to your campus

5. Download CTN flyers

a. If you need a sample flyer to pass out on your campus in order to mobilize others to pray, go to There will be a link for you to download a simple sample flyer that states the vision for 24/7 prayer on college campuses across this nation. It will have blank spaces for you to fill in your website link (before you print it), for students to sign up for prayer shifts.

b. You can also make your own and be creative!

6. Make sure to take PICTURES and FILM VIDEO FOOTAGE of your CHOP

a. Please make sure to take PLENTY of PICTURES of your Campus House of Prayer and to FILM as much video footage as possible of the 24/7 prayer room while it is happening.

b.We have a created an online blog and webpage where we will post reports from your campus house of prayer, as well as upload pictures and video, so that other students across the nation can see what God is doing through prayer on your campus and be inspired to do the same.

c. Please email all pictures and video clips to (

d. These will then be posted on the CTN site and CTN Blog, at

7. Post short summary to CTN blog w/ picture

a. We greatly appreciate it if you can post a 3-paragraph summary of what happened during your campus 24/7 prayer room initiative. A summary should be short, concise, and to the point, and it should simply share the various things that God did in your 24/7 prayer experience on your campus. These stories/testimonies can be as diverse and unique to your local prayer room experience.

b. Visit to see reports from the first 40 days of prayer during January and February of this semester.

c. Each 3-paragraph summary should come with at least ONE PHOTO of the 24/7 campus prayer room so that we can blog it appropriately.

*In short, send us a 3-paragraph summary of what God did in your 24/7 campus house of prayer, and attach one photo of the prayer room so we can post these to our CTN blog.

8. Pass the Baton to the Next Campus by sending an EMAIL PRAYER

a. You’re not done yet! Once your campus has finished its 24/7 prayer initiative, look on the 24/7 prayer calendar to see which college campus next will take the baton of 24/7 prayer (

b. Click on the calendar date that the next campus will begin praying 24/7. Below, under “Schools signed up on [date]”, you will see the name of this school listed.

c. Click on the school name, and it will lead you to information for that campus’s student rep.

d. Locate that next student rep’s email address (under “Admin Email”), and email him/her with an encouraging and faith-filled prayer, to pass on the torch of revival prayer to their campus. Please cc: as you send that email prayer, so we know the torch has been passed to the next campus!

Thank you for your participation, and let’s continue to pray and believe God that He can and will establish non-stop 24/7 prayer houses on every college campus in our nation and beyond, for the sole purpose of advancing His kingdom in our generation!


Campus Transformation Network Team

it's happening...lets us all keep praying on our campuses believing God to establish permanent 24/7 Campus Houses of Prayer in every major university population across the USA and into the nations!


At 3/18/2006 06:11:00 PM , Blogger pearl said...

so awesome.

At 3/21/2006 07:21:00 PM , Anonymous joanna Chen said...

hey jaeson..sorry to bother you again. i was wondering if you knew of anyone going to the uprising next week. i emailed the ppl you gave me contact info for and they didn't know either. anyway, if you happen to check this before next saturday and know of someoone going, could you shoot me an email (joannachen[at]berkeley)? if not, thats fine. thanks again. take care.

At 3/25/2006 01:25:00 PM , Anonymous Changchi said...

Hey Brother Jaeson! Your blog is cool! Very nice! Keep up the good work in the Lord. Praise on! =)

At 3/26/2006 06:17:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isaiah 64
1 Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down,that the mountains would tremble before you!

2 As when fire sets twigs ablaze and causes water to boil,come down to make your name known to your enemies and cause the nations to quake before you!

3 For when you did awesome things that we did not expect,you came down, and the mountains trembled before you.

4 Since ancient times no one has heard,no ear has perceived,no eye has seen any God besides you,who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.

At 3/27/2006 04:37:00 PM , Anonymous Forrest said...

coming to nyack? i'll be there. wonder if u'd be able 2 recognize me after one year, :o)


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